You know the scene. Tears flowing, laying in the middle of the kitchen floor all because you said no to the second cookie. “Maybe if you would have eaten more dinner you wouldn’t still be hungry. “Does this just happen at my house? Oh ok.

Kids throw tantrums to get attention. Right? It’s worth it to them to get any kind of attention whether it be negative or positive. Most of the time , let’s be honest …. It’s negative. As one of my children was throwing a fit today, I fought the urge to scoop them up and fix the problem. Instead I walked away, enough distance to still see them but to show them that I won’t react to that behavior. She eventually calmed down ( oops. I bet you can’t guess who ) and went on her way to doing something else. She had no interest in pitching a fit if no one was paying attention . I’m not saying that I ignore my children when they need discipline, just hear me out.

These last few weeks of my life could have been made into a movie. In fact I’m not so sure I wasn’t on a secret reality TV show. I apologize in advance for not changing my clothes for two days and I may or may not have let my baby eat kale off the kitchen floor because I was just happy she was eating it. It’s kale y’all. Super food. I mop.

What I’m getting at is this. This whole week I could have chosen to give Satan my attention . He was throwing a tantrum and taunting me in every corner. That’s what he does. He tries to show off and seem huge and powerful. He tries to make us think we are worthless and weak. He lies and spits and pitches a royal fit in the middle of our circumstances. I chose to ignore him. I chose to fix my eyes on my Daddy. To fix my eyes on the promises spoken over my life. Several times this week , sometimes even physically I took a step back from my circumstances. I asked the Lord to show me what would I gain if I gave in and lost it? What would I gain if I gave up. He spoke and said : ” During the trials I am shaping you and molding you into the woman you are destined to be. ” I’ve never in my life felt more humbled. As a Mother. As a wife. He works so well through humility. When we are weak , he is strong .

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