Harbor me

Harbor me

My children’s names are so special to me. I asked The Lord each time to give me a name for them that had to do with their destiny. Who they would be in his kingdom.

When I was just 13 weeks pregnant with Adah we went to a worship concert . It was in a old theatre building where I used to have dance recitals in Middle School. A massive crowd was there worshiping their hearts out to Jesus.

His presence was thick like a cloud. Warm and inviting.

I knew in my heart I was having another daughter. I had prayed I would have at least two girls so they could know the deep bond and friendship of a sister.

During worship I relented to the spirit, got up out of my chair and somehow managed to be at the very front of the stage. There was no reasoning or thinking involved. I just walked. When I got up there the song that was playing had a chorus:

Harbor me in the eye of the storm.

He spoke so clear to my spirit:

This woman will be a safe harbor for my presence. A safe place for people to feel excepted and loved. She will teach people how to invite the Holy Spirit into their lives. How to harbor him , but at the same time that she will be a releaser. She will have the ability to release his presence and bring great peace in the midst of any situation. She will bring hope.

I was undone. He wrecked me.

Little did I know she would bring me peace. She would be my harbor in my own storm.

So it was decided. Her name was Harbor. I was dead set on that being her first name. My husband wanted it to be her middle name. We went back and forth as all married couples do. I shed a few silly tears about it. Then we found the name Adah. We looked up the meaning and we were sold. How longed for she was. How adorned.

Adah Harbor. Oh our sweet Harbor girl.

Tonight there was another concert with the same groups, same theatre. On the way there I felt The Lord was going to show me something exciting. He’s awesome like that and loves to give me surprises.

We walked in to a table set up with merchandise. I began looking around and spotted a baby onesie with the very same chorus verse that The Lord told me Adahs name in.

“Harbor me in the eye of the storm”

I could have cried. I found her size and bought it. Totally worth it. And when she is too big to wear the onesie , I will make a pillow out of it. It’s that’s cute y’all.

I’m at a point in my life where I feel The Lord leading me to be completely open and honest with people. So that they can see he is so very real . So very alive . I hope that’s ok with you.

During worship tonight The Lord was working on my heart. I felt waves of his presence cleansing my body. Breaking barriers and bringing new mind sets.

I was praying that He would fill me with more of his presence when I felt an Angel place his hands on my shoulders. I suddenly felt relaxed. At ease. Waves of the Fathers affection for me came over and over again. I didn’t move or talk or sing or cry. I stood there in silence as everyone around me was worshipping.

He was at least ten feet tall. Such a beautiful sight . I saw him massaging my shoulders like a coach does to his players before they go to bat.

“You’ve got this. Go ahead , hit a home run.”

I suddenly felt confident. I suddenly felt valuable. Not arrogant. But so loved.

” Put your hands on your shoulders Rachel.”

So I did. I grabbed hands with the freaking huge Angel behind me.

I left that theatre a different woman. My back was straighter. I’m a daughter of the King and he has made me able for any task ahead. He has made you able too.

I’m telling you this not to boast.

I’m just helplessly in love with Jesus.

But I’m telling you this to say that he is very real. The spirit realm is very real. He is moving in every area of our lives, but are we feeling him? Are we seeing him? Are we listening?

I want to listen more.

People are so hungry for spiritual things. They look so many places when it’s right In front of them. Peace and joy and love is right there . All along. From God. From your maker.

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