Tiny people. Huge impact.

Tiny people. Huge impact.

Yesterday was one of those days where I felt so much disunion between my children. Oh course children will be children and they will fight. They will take each others toys and throw Goldfish on the floor. And then step on said Goldfish to make sure their rubbed into the carpet. My favorite. Ain’t no broom gettin’ that up sister, grab the vacuum.

I was sick of it. Sick of the yelling and name calling. Sick of hearing :

” you’re not my friend anymore.”

I had remained calm the entire day, and no it did not require a shot of Baileys in my coffee. But it was the peace of Jesus . He knew I needed it.

We were about to go out to the grocery store. Which is everyday. Does anyone else feel like this? Ok.

With my littlest crying at my feet , my oldest screaming and pushing his sister, and my middle child crying for attention I got an idea.

” Everyone sit down. Asher you go over here and Rhema you sit here.”

I separated them. Told them I needed silence. I was listening .

“Ok, before we leave we are going to say one nice thing you love about everyone in the room.”

That didn’t go over well.

I don’t like her. She kicked me. He isn’t my friend anymore.

I sat down in the middle of the word war and prayed. And I nursed my baby. We can do that ya know. #multitasker

I told them that no one was getting up until we said something nice.

You guys. This took 45 minutes. My kids literally sat in silence. I prayed aloud for them to hear. For them to see that my heart was grieved from their words. Sometimes we need to literally show our children how their actions make us feel. Show them there are serious consequences in speaking negatively towards our family. When there is disunion in our family , it opens a door for the enemy to come in.

I’ve had that enough in the last few weeks. I wasn’t having it. I wanted all doors closed.

Finally Asher piped up. : ” I love Rhema.”

Rhema followed with : ” I love Asher and Adah and I’m sorry.”

There. Something was broken in the room. I opened my eyes. My children went from frowning and crying to smiling and giggling.

When we literally make a decision to not associate with the enemy , he has to flee.

He had no right over that room , or our family when we consciously chose to show love.

Listen. I know they are only 2 and 5 but can’t they hear from The Lord just as much as I can? As you can? Absolutely. They aren’t flawed by hurts of this world yet. All they know is trust. We will feed them. Cloth them. Bathe them. Love them.

Here’s an example.

A couple weeks ago , again at a worship concert we brought our children. It was outdoors and many people were dancing around worshipping. I was down at the front of the stage dancing around with the kids. They know nothing else but to run around crazy when it’s time to worship our Father.

Rhema got thirsty, so I took all the kids back to our seats. A woman came up to me and asked me if Rhema was my daughter. I told her she was and asked her why.

“It’s God I saw her dancing because I have something I need to share with you. Something that has changed my life.”

I immediately felt the Holy Spirit come upon both of us.

” I was at a conference at your church a couple of months ago. I had just lost a still born baby girl. I had had a vision a few days prior that I was dancing with my child in heaven. She looked so much like your daughter. During worship your daughter walked right up to me , gave me a hug and asked me to dance with her. We danced and I’ve never been the same. I’ve been healed of my hurt and anxiety over loosing my child. I know it was the Lords way of healing my heart and moving my forward. That I physically got to dance with a little girl that looked almost identical to mine. He is so personal. Thank you for letting her dance with me.”

You guys. THIS is Jesus. He isn’t boring .

Rhemas name means a personal word from The Lord. She is living up to her name. Quickly. Or is it quick ? Are we just so not expectant for children to prophecy?

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