Two is better than one

Two is better than one

Ecclesiastes 4:12

A cord of three strands is not easily broken .

This blog is not just about marriage , but about fellowship. The point is that he designed us to need each other. Period.

Our whole marriage I’ve been so guilty of being a loner. By loner I mean: praying by myself. Worshiping by myself. Ministering by myself. Growing by myself.

I’ll just be honest. I’ve got kids crawling all over me , calling my name and wiping their snot all over my clothes So a chance to worship was a total outlet for me. As it should be. Moms need alone quality time with Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong. My husband and I pray together, make important decisions together, and worship at the same church together.

It wasn’t until this weekend that something really clicked. I can’t tell you how many countless worship concerts we’ve been to. Prayer meetings . Healing meetings. Mission trips. But until Saturday night I never felt the power that we had in unity.

When we minister to people , it is almost always separate. We each have different gifting. I tend to be more outgoing , and go for the lady in the back of the church that looks lonely. I ask The Lord to show me how to show her love. Ask him for a word of knowledge for her. Do I ever ask my husband to come along? Nope. I just go.

During worship this weekend I was standing beside Matt. We were both worshiping and praying in the spirit. I had my eyes closed when I felt him out his hand around my waistline. My first thought was, not now …. I’m worshipping.

I grabbed his hand for a minute or two , then again wanted to be on my own. I let go and thought… Ok now I can really focus. I can really be alone with Jesus. No one is touching me, calling my name . No one needs me but you Jesus. You have my full attention.

Then Matt grabbed my hand. What is he doing? Doesn’t he know I want to worship? By myself.

“Let him hold your hand Rachel.”

Sigh. So I did.

Once I relented in my spirit that I was made to need my spouse, even during worship something clicked. I felt a overwhelming sense of empowerment in the midst of my surrender. Matt was made to be my helper. Even during worship.

We both felt so much power in worshipping our Father together that we both couldn’t contain ourselves. We started crying, singing, and swaying to the music together. There was such sweetness surrounding us. We need each other.

You see, the enemy doesn’t want us to taste this power of unity. He wants us to be content worshipping alone , ministering to people alone. Whether it be your spouse you’re pushing away, or your friends.

Absolutely. There needs to be special time with just you and The Lord. No doubt . But he also designed us to build each other up. Encourage one another. A lot of that comes from worshiping together. Ministering together. Singing together in one accord.

Where two or more are gathered in my name I will be there with them.
Matthew 18:20

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