Not my average day

Not my average day

The day after you almost went into shock from having body temperature that of a homeless alcoholic in 28 degree weather ,you think about the important things in life. Kinda like, are my kids pooping regularly? Why does black coffee taste like a dirty diaper and is fluoride killing my thyroid?

Yesterday was a normal day. Rhema got her hair caught in a magazine stand holder for 17 hours. Asher looked for just one shoe in agony while yelling at his sister to get in the car. Adah nursed all day and was completely content to hang out on my hip and suck on pita chips.

I had parent teacher conference at Asher’s school. Cried a little when his teacher prayed favor over our family. Cried more when she handed me a tissue and told me I was doing the best I can . Went out to lunch with the kids and my aunt. Came home prepared to start dinner. Also prepared to give them cheese sticks and fruit snacks for dinner . I felt off.

Real off.

Asher came inside from helping Rhema on the trampoline . I found myself sulk onto the kitchen floor. I was cold. Real cold.

” momma are you sick?”

“Pray for me buddy.”

“Jesus I pray you would heal Mommas tummy. Amen.”

He knew.

I asked him to get my phone. Adah was crying for me in the living room but I couldn’t move. I was frozen . Heavy.

It was a blur from there. I made a few phone calls, or tried to. I tried to remain calm but i knew something bad was happening. I was alone with my three babies. I managed to get Asher to get the thermometer .

94.6. Am I dying?

I made my way over to the fireplace and told Asher Momma was cold. He got me several blankets and covered me. He then got me a cup of hot water. I was shaking. Not stopping.

Asher prayed again and this time Rhema joined in. All I could think about was passing out in front of my children. The only word I could say aloud was

” Jesus. Jesus.”

Isn’t that all we need to ever say when we need him? Don’t my children call my name when they need me. Won’t he answer?


News got to my Father in law, because Matt was an hour away at a job site. He came in and I knew I was safe now. He lifted me onto the sofa . He gathered more blankets and covered me. Suddenly I couldn’t move. I could barely breathe, but I was still able to call on my Father.

He began praying aloud . Forcefully. I felt something break off. I felt restful.

A few minutes later my Mom arrived and they both carried me to her car . I could hear Adah crying and Rhema asking where I was going. I had to leave my nursing baby. My heart stayed .

On the way to the hospital I started sobbing . Uncontrollably. I’m not a huge crier. But I felt Jesus doing something. I felt his presence in the midst of what I know the enemy wanted for my harm.

We waited in the ER for three hours. My mom prayed over me. Comforted me. Taught me how to breathe.

Matt was finally able to come be with me. Immediately with his presence my anxiety subsided. He is my helper. Always.

I couldn’t walk so I had to be wheeled back and forth from blood work. The bathroom. The steam room. The pedicure room.

I had to use the bathroom for the umpteenth time . Matt wheeled me along …

” come on Margaret!”

See. That’s why I married him. We don’t take life too seriously. Jesus yes. Life not so much. Let’s have fun.

I laughed until I hurt. Wait. Nah. I was hurting already.

Finally I got a room. It was a nice date night. I got to wear a sexy gown
And have blood drawn . Again.

We watched endless PBS. I learned to make my own Whiskey. Getting on that ASAP.

Had an ultrasound done. Bless.

” you aren’t pregnant are you?”

“No I have three at home. There better not be one hanging out in there. There may be though. I get pregnant when he looks at me funny.”

She wasn’t amused. I’ll pray for her.

No gall stones. Blood work came back normal. Huh?

” I think you need to see a GI specialist. ”

Thanks for the delightful 7 hours here. We enjoyed our stay. I had to get home. I had to nurse someone . Anyone. I was about to go to the 5th floor. Find an exhausted new mother and offer myself as a wet nurse. You sleep dear. This kid won’t know the difference.

What did I conclude from this?

Toothpaste. Coffee. Wine. They all contain fluoride. I consume all of them. A lot. Especially toothpaste. Late night snack. Don’t judge me.

So after I did some research and got some knowledgable women speaking into my life I came to the conclusion that fluoride has been wrecking my insides. I’m done with stomach issues. Done with excessive weight loss. Pass the butter. Where’s Paula?

Today I switched up a lot. Went back to the super nasty TOMS fluoride free toothpaste. Went on a search for Organic wine . Y’all fluoride is in like everything. It’s poisoning my bod. This chick can’t afford anymore weight loss. Just call me Twiggy. No wait ,don’t. I swear I eat . All day.

Guess what. I feel awesome.

Remember , we can agree to disagree about health issues. But we can all agree hypothermia sucks.

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