Blessings on your head

Blessings on your head

Let me be the first to say that inspirational quotes make me nauseous. There is nothing worse than a cheesy line that’s supposed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. For 5 seconds.

What I DO Iike is to relate with someone . Share a common goal or story. Hear a line from someone that will stick with me. That’s relatable. Learn from their experience and grow from it. I love when people challenge me and make me think about a certain experience differently. Point out things I would have never seen. I’m learning to shift my focus on the good things The Lord is doing instead of giving my attention to the enemy.

He likes to scream and fuss and hiss to get attention doesn’t he? He is the ultimate liar.

But what would happen if I was able to completely shift my focus from what Satan was doing and focus on Jesus? What more would I see? How much would my love for him grow deeper and deeper until I was completely in rhythm with him?

I would see people differently. Situations differently. Wouldn’t I be a happier mother, wife and friend?

This morning I chose my flesh. I was aggravated and exhausted from being up all night with a teething baby. Sunday mornings are always the time I get in a tizzy . Trying to get the kids ready and out the door. Toys all over the floor, dishes still on the stove. No time to clean. But I found time to yell at the kids.

” Get your shoes! We’ve got to go! Now!”

I’m sure Jesus didn’t appreciate my attitude with my children when what we were headed to do was be in his house.

I walked out the door in a puff. I forgot my coffee. Adah was crying. Rhema couldn’t find her paci.

We all got into the van and started down the road. I began to have a panic attack. I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I was helpless to control my body . It lasted at least 15 minutes. Matt had the children quiet down and they all prayed over me. My husbands hand was powerfully placed on my shoulder speaking life into my lungs to open, and peace over my spirit.

I knew once we got onto the church grounds it would break. It did.

Matt parked the car and I was able to catch my breath. Able to stop crying and actually speak.

It wasn’t a mystery to me as to why my panic attack stopped once we got to church. You see, I was surrounded by thousands of believers. Satan didn’t stand a chance. He who is in me is greater than the one trying to destroy me.

What if I could have seen what Jesus was doing during that battle? What if I could have seen Angelic activity around me, fighting for me. Wouldn’t it have changed me?

I can’t tell you exactly WHY I started writing a blog. All I can tell you is that I know Jesus wants me to keep writing. Keep being honest with people. Keep telling you what he is doing in me that is good.

Jesus always gives the weary rest.

I was so weary from my attack today that He knew the place I needed to be. A place where his presence flows so freely for me. I hear him there. I feel him there.

As soon as we pulled into the driveway my very being was at ease . I sighed . I smiled.

The kids jumped out of the car and began playing while my sweet Grandmother began praying over me. There is such power when this woman prays. She loves him deep.

There is a certain order in her home that comes out of love for her family. I think that’s why I feel so much of the Holy Spirit when I’m there. Because they have opened up their home for his presence with relentless prayers. When she says she is praying for you, she means it. It’s powerful.

” blessings on your head.”

That’s her saying she says to everyone she loves. But today I felt my spirit receive it.

Satan always pitches a fit but in the end it’s Jesus who restores our joy.

Yes, blessings on my head. On my mind. To see him clearly. I receive that, sweet
Ma Boo.

1 thought on “Blessings on your head

  1. I really love this. Sweet Ma Boo and her blessings on our heads 🙂

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