In light of Halloween, let’s talk about Angels.

In light of Halloween, let's talk about Angels.

If you want to see what Jesus is doing , pay attention to your children. They see what we do not choose to see. What we are content not to look for.

This morning I spent some time with just my Rhema . We watched her favorite show , read a few books and played outside while Adah took her morning nap . Every once in while she likes to shower with me. She pretends she is a mermaid and swims around the inch deep water at my feet.

Today she did just that. I love watching her pretend and light up as I play along. She wanted me to pretend to be a mermaid too, so I did. I’ve secretly always wanted to be one anyway, so it comes naturally. I’m still holding out that they do exist.

She always asks about my c section scar , asks me if it hurts or how the doctor got Adah out. Why she had to come out that way. I explain that Adah couldn’t fit the way she came out, so Jesus told us to go to the hospital. She always nods her head knowingly and changes the subject.

But today was different. It’s as if she could sense what I was going through this week physically, spiritually and emotionally. She stopped playing and asked to see my scar. She ran her fingers across it and closed her eyes.

“Jesus heal Mommas boo boo where Adah came and help her not to be sad, amen.”

She knew. She knew I was feeling defeated and that my physical body was exhausted. She is my seer. She sees Angels daily, and tells me about them.

Whether we want to believe that the spiritual realm is real, it is. It is all around us constantly. There is a literal battle going on in some seasons of your life. For me, I can physically feel the pull in my spirit. So much so that I ended up in the hospital. Every test has been done. Not my gallbladder. No my thyroid. No infection. Nothing showed up on the ultrasound.

I know the purpose of The Lord asking me to write this blog was to make women feel at ease. Know that they aren’t alone is this crazy chaos of motherhood. But also to know without a shadow of a doubt that he is real, and he is moving. That the spirit realm is in fact very real. All around you. Some see it more than others. Rhema is one of them.

I’ve hesitated to tell you this story, but after much prayer I feel I need to be honest.

I’ve seen Angels before, but only glimpses or visions. I have physically felt them touch me, but never like this. A couple weeks ago Rhema awoke in the middle of the night asking for water. I went upstairs and got her, and carried her to the kitchen. She often wakes up very afraid of something she has seen, and we have to pray aloud until she falls asleep. But this night she was very peaceful, just thirsty. I was standing in the kitchen holding her when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I wasn’t afraid.

I saw a young boy dressed in early 1800’s attire facing my back door, as if he was watching for something. In my spirit I wasn’t afraid, and now after a lot of prayer I know he was an Angel. He was facing the door watching over our home. I believe he was a young angel because we have prayed and invited new angels to dwell here. He has been waiting to come.

Yesterday I was folding laundry in the dining room, with a clear view of Rhema on the swing set. Asher was at school and Adah was napping. I was watching her swinging and laughing alone. I saw her talking and all the sudden she got off her swing and started running around the house. She came inside and proclaimed:

“momma! Asher’s here!”

“No hunny, he is at school remember?’

” NO! I saw him! He wanted me to chase him around the house! He called my name!”

I immediately thought about the young Angel I saw.

” Rhema , was that scary for you?”

” No! I wanted to play with him!”

And that was that. It was casual and normal for her. She hasn’t said anything since. But she is also my daughter that sees Angels beside our moving car, in her room at night and every Sunday at church.

When I was pregnant with her The Lord made it very clear to me that she would be able to see into the spirit realm. That she would proclaim the good things he was doing and be very bold even at a young age.

Even? Aren’t ALL children able to see? To be close to Jesus. They have absolutely NO fear of rejection. If you raise them with excellent self esteem and self worth, won’t they be quick to tell you what they see? But until we ask and take notice of their sweet faces while they’re playing, dancing and laughing will we see what they see? Will they have an outlet to talk to you about it?

The fact is that whether we choose to believe or even notice, it’s happening . We have chosen to be very open with our children about spiritual things. When there is an open door for discussion, they will talk.

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