Going up

Going up

We were at Asher’s school early to pick him up. It was a cool fall day perfect for playing outside on the playground. Adah’s new favorite activity is swinging on the swing with me , while Rhema swings beside us. They laugh and laugh and sneak in a fart every once in a while. Rhema always has to inform me when she lets one.

Thanks honey. Putting it in your baby book.

Kids are creative right? For example Rhema would rather go up the slide than down. This causes all kinds of tears and scrapes and bruises , she threatens to not be my friend anymore, not eat her broccoli at dinner and blames Asher for pushing her off the slide when he is in fact still in school…but yet she is Still determined to do it.

Watching her get frustrated with something as fun as a slide it got me thinking. A slide is meant for fun, and it is very enjoyable when used the right way.


But going up is very frustrating because it wasn’t designed with that purpose in mind.

How many things in my life am I misusing? Things that he meant to give me as a gift but I’m doing it all wrong? I’m getting frustrated and annoyed and giving into a negative attitude.

Marriage is a gift from our father. But we have to enjoy it the way he designed it to be or we will be frustrated trying to go up and a slippery slide. Over and over I try to rough up the slide, so I can still go up it the way I see fit. I so often don’t ask for my husbands help and advice.

I’m such a planner and a thinker that my mind goes 24/7. While he is thinking about tomorrow I am thinking about 5 years from now. What our life will look like. If we will have anymore children. And it stresses me out. Because I’ve chosen to let it. That i miss the value of the present.

I’m learning to go down the slide.

In my marriage. As a mother. As a friend. With my Jesus.

Slides are supposed to be fun. Let them be.

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