I’m learning to praise him and love him in all times. Don’t I love my children just as much as when they disobey as when they obey?


This post is written standing on a mountain top of victory. Victory that was hard to see and difficult to fathom. My physical body was screaming at me with no way out but by his grace. It was his grace for my life that landed me in our new home. A home I feel like I’ve been in for centuries. His presence dwells here.

On my trip to California , during a prayer someone said to me this:

” I see The Lord summoning entertaining Angels to prepare your new home. They are cleansing it and preparing for your arrival. They are excited for your family and so happy to have you live there.”

You guys have no idea how much that blessed me. That my Father WANTED me to feel at home when we moved. He wanted comfort for me and health. He wants abundant life for all of us. He is so incredibly faithful.

I hadn’t told the person praying a word about moving. I didn’t need to. God did.

Moving day came and I was calm in my heart. I think , well… I know I had kept this home at arms length as to not be stung again. Oh it’s gorgeous Jesus, but I don’t deserve it. Which was a lie. He isn’t sitting up in heaven with his arms crossed saying:

” Now. Now Rach. That refrigerator in there is too nice. And that van you’re driving is too new. And I’m upset with you for spending too much time on your hair today.”

Lies. He’s a happy God.

We pulled into the driveway with our belongings. I parked the car and sat in the driveway a minute. Collecting my thoughts and listening to him.

Go into this house and play worship music. I’m already here. Don’t be afraid.

There was something about him saying he was there that made me realize again that wherever we go as a family, he is there. Wherever I go by myself, he’s there. I’m never alone. It’s an elementary concept, but something that’s being carved into my heart.

So I did. We have been here for a week now and even when we leave I’m playing worship music. I wasn’t playing around again. This home will be where his presence dwells and where people feel welcome and invited. It will be a place of great peace and a place people can come and be in his presence freely.

One of the first mornings here , Rhema while playing baby dolls said something. It’s stuck with me, and I believe like most times she speaks, it was from him.

” Rhema, do you love our new house?”

” Yep I do. Come Jesus! Come!”

I was undone. I believe there were things she experienced at the farm house she hasn’t told me yet, or maybe she never will but it’s matured her spiritually.

In this new season of joy I’m learning a few things:

It’s ok to be joyful. He wants us to be.

It’s ok to trust him. He wants us to.

It’s ok to use a dishwasher. He wants us to.

His favorite is whirlpool. So that’s what Im having an affair with currently. Whirlpool is another name for the Holy Spirit. Use it .

I’m learning to praise him in joy, when for so long it was in my burdens . Shouldn’t it be easier to praise him in joy? Ha! Not when you have a mind set like I did.

I had it ingrained in my mind that I had to suffer for my walk with him. That something would always be wrong with my life in order for me to grow and learn from him. It was a depressing mindset. He wants us to walk in the fullness of his joy.

But what is joy? Can we have joy in trials?

Yes. And that’s what I’m noticing in my life. I had such joy in the farm house that brought me so much turmoil. I had joy when we moved in and joy when we moved out.

Joy is not in a house or a job. It’s not in a good marriage or a friendship. It’s in him. We can have joy when all hell is breaking loose in our lives because we can choose it. Just like we can choose peace.

See I thought moving to this house would be instant joy.

Oh my life will be so much better and this this this this this this this will be much better. Our lives are simpler here and we are peaceful.

But my joy isn’t in any of those things. It’s in my father who is well pleased with me.

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