Living water

Living water

At first I was really amazed at my children’s ability to immediately adjust to a new home. New rooms and sights. New sounds in the night , and new areas to grow and play.

Then last night I took a step back from my life and realized it’s the Holy Spirits presence in my home that’s made everything calm. Easy to adjust. Because that’s how he is.

Matt and I went through some hard times in our marriage in the past 5 months. Not fighting or angry at each other, but it was difficult for him to see me so sick. So upset. In such turmoil in my spirit. Being here in our new home has broken that off. We are free to be joyful again.

Yesterday we found ourselves flirting and running around the house like teenagers. I often get a glimpse of what we were like 10 years ago in this house. The newness of love and the refreshment of getting to know each other again and again. We have worked together more as a team here. We are at ease, and although life isn’t easy still we are peaceful.

It’s really nice to wake up in the middle of the night and not be terrified to go get a glass of water, alone in my own kitchen. It’s a blessing not to wake up with blood pouring out my nose. It’s a blessing that my children have not had one night terror being here. In fact they have slept beautifully. I’ve had to learn to let my hair down and enjoy this house. The house he prepared for us.

As I type this all three babies are resting and I’m alone in the kitchen. He has spoken to me about living water for a week now and I’m ready to tell you guys something. I have no idea what that is, but as a type he will say it.

Above me is a skylight . Rain is beating on it and I’m drawn to go sit under it , so I do. On my bar there are three stools facing one way. For some reason since we started eating dinner here I’ve always taken one bar stool and switched sides. I feel comfortable on this side. This side feels right .

Doing laundry in the basement a few minutes ago, alone and un afraid He told me to go look in a certain part of the basement. Under an old well pump I found an old fashioned water basin. It’s beautiful . Mostly because I’m a history nerd and love to educate myself on what was before me. I could spend hours reading history books. Yes I just admitted it. But it’s ok. I still do cool things like use hashtags and sometimes I check Twitter when I remember it’s on my phone.

I brought it upstairs and set in on the back deck. I sat there for a few minutes evaluating it. It’s empty, right? It’s old and worn down. I look to my right. The pool Is also empty. In need of repairs and clean water. I come inside and the refrigerator has leaked a line of water onto the floor. I clean it up and sit. What is it Jesus? What are you showing me?

All the sudden the rain comes down. Hard. Like to the point where I actually considered waking the kids up and going to the basement. The winds were howling and I just sat there and watched the old rain basin fill up.

Then he spoke.

Out of your weakness I was made strong. I’m like living water to thirsty people in your home. People will come who need water, good healthy water and I will refresh their spirits. I will come like a flood upon your family and seep into those you come in contact with. Anyone that is hurting , come. Anyone that is thirsty for my presence, come. I will fill their basins.

The redeeming part about water is … I think it was the water that made me so sick at the farm house. Whether it be radon or mold in the house. Now it’s water that’s healing me. His water rushing to my aid. Refreshing my spirit and quenching my thirst for him.

In turn he will allow us to give living water away.

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