Alcohol and raising children.

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My moto in life has always been everything in moderation. Except for things like committing murder and eating raisins. Raisins are awful.

My husband and I want to live a life that is open with our children . We want them to see us being responsible in each area that we have stewardship of. Our finances . Our eating habits. Our marriage. Our friendships. And lastly but not least, alcohol.

I grew up in a home where my Dad would have an occasional beer in front of me. It showed me not to be afraid of alcohol. And into my teenage years I never wanted to experiment with it because I saw when my parents had a drink it wasn’t 7 beers. Just one or two and I didn’t have to be ” afraid” of alcohol. I felt perfectly safe with them , drinking a beer or drinking water.

This is something I’ve always wanted to instill in my children.

It’s just like anything else we have stewardship of. If I was severely overweight and eating cake and ice cream for breakfast everyday, not exercising and refusing to treat my body with respect, wouldn’t I be abusing food for my own selfish pleasures?


Am I sinless ? Absolutely not, but I can call out lies when I hear them.

– Christians shouldn’t ever drink alcohol.

– Parents shouldn’t drink in front of their children

– Christians shouldn’t drink in public , people might see and stumble.

Alcoholism is on both sides of my parents families. They chose to not agree with the sin of getting drunk with wine, but instead drinking it in moderation because they enjoy the taste. Also to break the cycle of abuse, instead they treated it as a choice. Something that could easily be abused, but when handled correctly can be enjoyable.

I understand there are families that suffer from an alcoholic father or mother and you are wounded from the smell of alcohol. I understand that there are Christians that feel personally convicted not to indulge in a beer.

But understand this. Jesus is not religious.

If I’m going to have a beer in front of Joe, then I will in front of Bill too because I’m a genuine person . I don’t put on different faces for different people.

What if Christians wore the same face all day long?

When we hide things from people , we are conveying it’s a sin.

Why not show non Christians that we are REAL people that can live a fun and joyful life , and still obey our Maker.

Real in front of them and real inside our everyday lives. But that we respect what we put inside our bodies, because he dwells there.

I think so often people who aren’t following Christ are looking at the wrong Christians for a template of how a Christian should be.

This post is not so much about alcohol as it is just living FREE.

It’s really pretty simplistic. He paid for freedom in him on the cross.

– Walk with Jesus

– Show people his love


– Worship him without fear of others opinions

Our hope is that when our children are grown they will see the fruit from our lives in The Lord. And the freedom that we lived in.

That we respected ourselves. That we were honest.

That we loved him with a passionate love and that Momma drank a glass of wine with supper. Because she could .


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