Let’s exercise

Let's exercise

Can the girl that’s never worked out a day in her life talk about exercise? I’ve participated in Mommy marathons , but I’ve still not signed up for the one with a free beer at the end.

I usually end up with a dirty diaper that’s exploded at the end of nap time or a sippy cup that I forgot to replace the stopper on, and I find it days later cleaning . It’s leaked raw milk and my house smells like a cheese factory.

Moving on. We can have wisdom in areas that we have never experienced ourselves. What? This chick is crazy. It’s true. Keep reading.

When we press in and intercede for ourselves or other people for a certain thing to happen, and it doesn’t happen that doesn’t mean it’s over. But what I’m learning is OK is that it doesn’t mean it necessarily WILL happen . Does this have anything to do with my faith level? Nope. I have faith to the moon and back for The Lord to open up doors and redeem horrible acts of greed and terror.

For example for all my married life I wanted to have a home birth. I used to have dreams of birthing our babies at home , peacefully . It’s a desire that’s in my DNA that I can’t shake. I think about it almost continually , not because I still necessarily am praying that I will experience it , but because I want it so much for others. I want a peaceful , free of interventions birth experience for women everywhere. I want them to feel empowered and loved. Whether that be in a hospital, on an operating table, in the back seat of their car on the way to a birth center, or in a birthing pool in their living room.

I love addressing Satans lies because he’s really stupid and gets in my nerves . He tries to convince you that just because you’ve never experienced a miracle yourself that you don’t have the authority to release breakthrough for another person.


Sunday during my sob fest with my Dad, he spoke up and said something that I’ve been repeating to myself over and over.

” You had to experience disappointment with Adahs birth so that in praying for other women in your same situation it is completely out of faith, and not experience. It’s not a feeling, but it is trust in your Father fully. ”

You see, he likes all of our attention. All of our time and all of our thoughts. Not just on Sundays And Wednesday night services. He wants us to trust unceasingly.

I fully believe that some day soon I will be walking into hospitals, praying for breech babies to turn and seeing results out of FAITH, and not my own personal EXPERIENCE.

Can he use our experiences that were positive to affect others ? Oh definitely. But for me I needed to go through those rough months before and after her birth to define my faith. I had to learn to trust him even though I was let down. And beat up. And sick. And tired.

After a really good breakthrough, I usually have some old thoughts creeping back in. Old lies and old anxiety. This morning I woke up almost paralyzed by fear of my future. Will we have any more children? Will I go through what I went through again?

I can’t do that Jesus. It’s too uncomfortable for me. It’s breaks my heart.

It smashed my heart like a ton of bricks.

:: I wonder how uncomfortable he was up on that cross. I wonder how his heart ached. How his Mother felt that he was dying a painful death for me. ::

Something snapped. I can’t keep waking up with lies in my head.

So I got up. I made a killer breakfast for my husband and made myself eat it. All of it. I brewed some decaf and sat on the sofa and waited for him to speak.

:: exercise Rach ::

Lol Lord. I don’t even own a pair of tennis shoes. Have you seen my legs? They’re the size of a twelve year olds. No muscle tone except for in my arms from carrying around my 24 lb one year old because she all the sudden is boy cotting the Ergo.

:: with your daughter::


Rhema immediately asks : ” momma! Let’s play just dance !”

Oh ok I can handle that Lord. So we danced, and anyone passing by our front window got a show. I hope they laughed.

After the song was over he spoke again. Surprisingly I could hear him through my deep winded breathing and gasping for water.

:: You aren’t exercising enough. There are muscles you aren’t stretching out and letting them be their full potential spiritually. They’re bored and lazy. Waiting to run and break down barriers between us and my people.::

So I sat there for a minute. Still dying for air. Laughing at myself.

Ok Jesus, I’ll exercise more. Show me what’s dead and lifeless about myself so that I can work it out.

Then I realized my anxiety had lifted tremendously. Releasing endorphins and laughing made my enemy bow to my maker.

He really hates laughter, so let’s all laugh more often. If you don’t have anything to laugh at in the mornings, just come watch me exercise .

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