Feeding your prophetic words

Feeding your prophetic words

I love naming babies. In fact my husband is convinced I keep getting pregnant so that we can name another child something interesting and meaningful. The Lord told us all of our children’s names. All of their names have to do with prophetic words spoken over them, and their destinies in the kingdom.

No, I’m not pregnant, but I often think about names I love. I have about twenty left. When Matt reads this he may stay clear of me for a few days. Until he gets hungry or it’s time to do laundry. Love you honey.

So I knew when I was pregnant with Rhema that she would live up to her name sake early on. Her name means personal prophecy from The Lord. She often amazes me throughout the day by saying things I know are from him.

I love watching her play with her baby dolls. I love the way she cares for them and breast feeds them with her belly button. She’s close enough.

Yesterday I was fixing lunch and watching her put her baby bunny to bed. I can hear her saying things like:

It’s time for a nap. You’re just tired .
Are you hungry? You want pappy? ( nurse )
Do you need A blanket. Oh baby! Are you cold?

She’s such a little mother.

” Rhema , it’s time for lunch!”

She gets up to the bar and claims she HAS to bring her new daughter to lunch. She’s hungry and is cold, so she has to hold her. Ok I said . Don’t get her in your soup.

She begins to talk to her baby bunny.

” Oh Audra…. You need to eat your soup my Momma made. It’s chicken noodle.”

Wide eyed I asked her where she heard that name. She shrugs her shoulders and says : in my head.

I had never heard that name before, but coming out of Rhemas mouth it had such a peaceful sound. I looked up the meaning :

Audra: French. Meaning nobility and strength.

Throughout the day The Lord reminded me of how Rhema cared for her baby bunny. He began take a veil off of my eyes.

My daughters name means personal prophecy from The Lord.

Yesterday The Lord was trying to reveal to me the importance of being a good steward of my personal prophetic words that have been spoken about my life.

It has been spoken I would be a strong fortress for people in the kingdom. But what am I experiencing right now?

Weakness. In the physical.

When we receive a prophetic word , it’s our responsibility to feed it. Nurse it and care for it. Cover it up when it’s cold and lonely. Just like our relationship with The Lord. We need to constantly feed it for it to grow.

This next paragraph is in no way a smash against mothers that don’t have a set quiet time with The Lord. I know life is seriously nuts most of the time, and it’s the best you can do to brush your teeth. Let alone wake up at 5 am to be in the word. Please don’t compare yourself to me in these next few lines. Ok? Cool.

I heard The Lord saying that the mornings are tough for me. It’s where I’m being attacked and it starts when I’m sleeping.

:: don’t let your enemy catching you sleeping::

Now of course The Lord wants me to sleep. Uh, I think so. I mean I’m up every few hours to walk a child to the toilet , change a diaper and whip out a boob . But I know what he was saying didn’t literally mean sleep.

It meant with being given such strong prophetic words about working in ministry , I can’t sleep and it will happen. I need to wake up and feed my soul.

I need to get up and look alive. Why? Because it’s obvious my enemy wants me sleepy.

I really don’t like Mommy blogs that tell women what to do and what not to do, so I’m telling you to ask your Father about this one. He will tell you.

But for me, in this season I feel very convicted to wake up before my children and husband and be in his presence. Will this mean I need to make the switch back to caffeine? Eh, probably. I’ll just pray for healing from my heart racing. Jk.

So what do I plan to learn about and earn through this act of choosing to be in his presence without loud children?

Nobility. Strength.

Because when we care for something and love it relentlessly , without fail we will always gain something.

Someone bring me a Misto. One shot of vanilla. Raw sugar. Thanks.

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