We are his bride.

We are his bride.

Most every breathing woman has once dreamed about how her wedding dress will look. How it will make her good qualities stand out and make her groom blush as she walks down the aisle. Let’s be honest , it was something I had obsessed over my whole life.

After Matt and I got engaged, I found my dress in a magazine. My sweet Mom hunted it down and found that a bridal shop an hour away had it. I walked right in, grabbed the dress and claimed it as mine. It was that simple. I was that smitten with it.

Same thing happened when I met Matt . He pursued me for a week. Was adamant that we needed to be together. I fell for his long dirty blonde hair and eyes that were staring right into my soul. After two weeks of talking I told my Mom I would marry him.

Lately I’ve been thinking on marriage covenant, and the trust that we represent when we marry our spouse. The Lord has been revealing to me a lot about my relationship as his daughter. Being one of his children is such a privilege that for so long I never really gave thought to.

For the hundredth time this week I was downstairs doing laundry. The mundane task of loading and unloading clothes is one of my least favorite household responsibilities. I keep waiting for my laundry maid to show up. One of those that can also be my stunt double for explosive poopy diapers and one that can get all of the goldfish out of my mini van. Who has time for that?

When we moved into this house we put everything that needed to be in storage so carefully next to the laundry room. Neatly, we chucked boxes and old clothes in a massive pile for someone lucky to go through months after we had been here. I am usually that lucky person. Are you jealous?

Someone, most likely Matt hung my wedding dress up on a clothesline. He probably had no idea what to do with it, and honestly neither do I. The amount of money my parents put into my dream dress it should be framed and mounted on my mantle for all to see.

With that being said, I passed by my wedding dress everyday. I started to be weirdly drawn to it and had the urge to put it on. Maybe wearing it would make laundry more fun? I don’t know.

I resisted and settled for my yoga pants as usual. But yesterday the Lord showed me something. I’m convinced he loves to use weird things to speak to me. He knows I’m weird.

:: Rach , see how the grooms jacket is behind your dress? I’m chasing you. I’m drawn to you. Because you have pursued me , I will peruse you. I’m teaching you to love what I love.”

I went and stood by the dress. Suddenly I saw myself not just as a wife and a mother, or even his child…..

but as his BRIDE.

It puts things in a different perspective doesn’t it? He saw me walk down the aisle towards him in pursuit of living a new life with him. Where we would walk together and I would grow as his daughter. I felt then that the love that he has for me is passionate. Even more so than my husband on our wedding night.

He wants me. All of me. And when we relent to this covenant , we will not be disappointed. It’s a relationship I’ve saved myself for all my life. Now it’s time for me to let him romance me and love me like the bride that I am.

That you are.

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