Knots at the spa

Knots at the spa

I glance in the rear view mirror and wince at my hair that hadn’t been washed in 48 hours or days, it’s hard to remember. Put some Chapstick on. There that will give me a little glow. It’ll say : I do this all the time.

Walking into the spa , I was rather slow. It wasn’t that I wasn’t excited. It was more the fact of trying to remember if I had shaved my legs that week. Do they touch my legs?

” Rachel, we have you down for the 60 minute full body massage, but you look like you could use the 90. We have time today. Upgrade you?”

Great they will touch my legs .

I’m sorry, either you’re prophetic in a sense that The Lord has told you I haven’t slept a full nights sleep in 5 years, OR you’re just really clueless about people skills in general . Either way I’m mailing you a copy of ” How to win friends and influence people.” It will help you.

” um. Sure . I’ll upgrade. That sounds great.”

There that made me sound wealthy. After all I do this all the time. Just not at this spa. I have a spa in my basement. But it’s being remodeled. Because I got bored.

She led me to a waiting room with a few chairs, and some rain music playing. I suddenly had to pee. And I couldn’t figure out which magazine was best to read . Is there one in here about how to potty train your three year old during the night when she sleep walks , or one about wine?

Oh. Found one.

The article reads:
” How many glasses of wine is appropriate while eating dinner?”

Clearly they needed me to write this article. The answer is simple. How many children do you have? Each child is a glass of wine. I’m real good at math.

She comes back to check on me and motions towards the refreshment table.

” There are different types of teas to chose from. You look tired, so stay away from the chamomile . Don’t want to be falling asleep during your massage.”

What is your address ? I’m sending that book today.

Within a few minutes I was asleep. I chose the chamomile , knowing this May happen. It was the dang rain music.

” Ma’am, your room is ready. Right over here. Dress down to what you are comfortable in and your masseuse will be in shortly. ”

The table looked much like one at my OBGYN. I suddenly had a vision of postpartum visits. The 6 weeks ones. I’m leaving my underwear on.

As soon as the massage began I was in heaven. My exhausted body was like putty in her hands. Why hadn’t I done this more recently?

She began working out terrible knots in my shoulders. This part was not as lovely, but I knew that after the fact I would feel much more comfortable. I knew the pain was totally worth it, so I took it like a champ . Or a mom. Same thing.

Every time she worked out a knot I would physically feel a release of toxins . I could feel the urge to drink water almost instantly. My mind wandered to spiritual parallels as usual and I couldn’t shake it off. The rest of the massage He was speaking to me.

:: in your life, I allowed certain things to happen to you to stretch your muscles . At times when life was uncomfortable , I was only working out your knots. Don’t you see that my pressing was for your good? Don’t you see that ridding your mind of toxins only makes you thirsty for more of my presence. Don’t you see that I can make all things new? I brought you here to relax your mind , and your physical body , but also to show you there are knots that need to be worked out. ::

From then on I had a different view on her pressing the heck out of my shoulders. When one way didn’t work, she would try another and another. Isn’t this what Jesus does with us when we are stubborn? When we refuse his love and affection for us? He loves us so much that he wants our attention. His intention for a relationship with him is for our good.

He wants us to get rid of past hurts and regrets so there is room for more of his spirit. He is so eager to have us walk in freedom.

Not everyone has access to a masseuse , but everyone has access to his spirit.



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