Learning to walk

Learning to walk

Watching our youngest daughter learn to walk this week has shown me a lot about our walks with The Lord.

Once she mastered walking , she started to get fearful of going fast. And in result , she started to crawl again. Crawling is faster, or so it seems to her. She’s comfortable with crawling.

But as her Mother I can see that walking would be good for her. It’s a much more effective way of travel. If she walked she would see life on a different level. She would notice things she didn’t see crawling around. She would have a lot of fun walking.

And once she realized walking was fun, she could run.


My most special childhood memories with my Dad is one that had changed my childhood, and on into my adult life. Growing up, the oldest of six children I saw a lot that my siblings didn’t see. I carried a lot of weight, put there by my own free will. We lived in a single wide trailer, and while there was a lot of laughter and fun we all longed for a bigger living space. The Lord did things in our family and taught us how to love each other in such a small space. One night while I was praying with my parents my Dad began to prophecy over my life. A sentence that will forever remain in my memory flowed out of his mouth.

” It is your faith that will move the mountain for our house to be built.”

He may or may not remember that night, but I’ll never forget it. He was recording the prophetic words, but as soon as he spoke that sentence the tape stops. Mostly because he was getting completely zapped by the Holy Spirit. It was my first experience feeling the presence of God. I was never the same after .

A couple years later, the house was built. I remember the day we moved in , I stood outside my room and sobbed. I had cried many tears in intercession for that house. My faith that the house would be built was immense . I knew he could do it.


Isn’t it our faith for him to do great things that moves us into an intimacy with him? If we don’t have faith, we are living a lie. You see, because he loves us he wants to show us. He wants to grab our hands and teach us to walk . But if we are content crawling around like a baby, how can he ever show us that we can run marathons?

This time with Adah has been so sweet. And so exhausting. She is reaching new boarders, and with that comes some hesitation. She has woken up more at night, just when I thought she would be tired from a day of walking , she has needed me more.

Tonight rocking her to sleep, since she flat refused to go to bed on her own The Lord showed me something.

When we learn new things in the kingdom and have faith that he will see them through , it’s ok to feel the need to sit on his lap more. With more responsibility comes the need for more intimacy with him. We have to be connected with his spirit when we are learning to walk.

He is reaching his hand towards you to teach you to walk. Then run.

Then leap.

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