Derailing the enemy’s plans.

Derailing the enemy's plans.

It’s really easy for us as humans to focus on the evil that’s in this world right? It’s more apparent and stares us in the face daily. I can’t tell you how many tears I’ve shed for the unborn children that are murdered daily in the name of convenience .For the abused children and battered wives. For the fatherless and the starving. I believe with all my heart that The Lord WANTS us to have compassion for those people. When we walk with him , we can feel his heart for those people. He deeply wants us to intercede for them, on their behalf, yes.

But we have to be careful what we let our minds entertain. We must be cautious , and never let the evil of this world consume our thoughts. Why?

Because he is so much more powerful. He has the power to free all the bound and gagged.

A couple of months ago I underlined a verse that I knew would have more meaning later. I love how he works. Always preparing our hearts for the next season. He’s so responsible. He has stickers all up on his chore chart. Chore chart. I guess I should start one of those. I’m doing good to clean up the kids rooms all by myself. Asking them to do it is too much sweat and tears on my behalf. But I know I need to start . Sorry Lord. I’ll make that chore chart when my Nanny arrives today. The Nanny that I have.

The verse was in Ephesians 1:19-23

“I pray that you will begin to understand the incredible greatness of his power for us who believe in him. This is the same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead and seated him in the place of honor at a Gods right hand in the heavenly realms. Now he is far above any ruler or authority or power or leader or anything else in this world or in the world to come. And God has put all things under the authority of Christ, and he gave him this authority for the benefit of the church. And the church is his body; it is filled by Christ, who fills everything everywhere with his presence.”

Can I just be honest and say that the past few months I’ve LET seeing into the spirit realm affect me in a negative way. I LET it overwhelm me and I LET it weaken my spirit for a season. I chose to dwell on all the evil that was harassing me and poking at my body. More like stabbing, poking is a nice word. Kinda Iike when Facebook had the poke button. Which by the way was always annoying. It was cyber flirting which was intimately creepy. Oh you poked me, next time I see you I’ll give you my number and a glamour shot of myself. Moving on.

For privacy and other reasons I cannot tell you the severity or the situation in which I let consume and harass my life, but I can tell you that a few nights ago he brought heaven to me. He healed my heart of hurt and anguish and disgust towards my gifting. I see now that he ALLOWED me to see what he KNEW would be hard for me ( gasp ) life is hard!? Wait what!? So I put on my big girl panties and moved on.

The event went like this , we were out to dinner with some friends and Having a great time kid less. Eating dinner and drinking delicious beer, laughing and talking about The Lord. I could feel the Holy Spirit getting stronger and stronger as we went deeper in conversation about our lives. This couple is amazing and their heart for the lords will is contagious. They are fun and passionate and loving. Looking back on the night I know the theme was Restoration. The couple spoke of a relationship that was broken with another couple that The Lord had restored after years of separation. I felt encouragement filling my spirit hearing their story of redemption and restoration.

When we hear testimonies of his goodness and power over situations that are seemingly impossible, it builds our faith levels for what he will do next. It opens our eyes to see that with him nothing is impossible. If he touched them, healed them, loved on them then surely he could do the same for me. He is no respecter of persons, he wants to touch us all. Will you let him?

After dinner we decided to walk to a local coffee shop . Along the way I noticed something. We were passing by a place that held so much grief for me. It held fear and anxiety just passing by. There was something in the store window, that I cannot share with you … But I can say that it showed the evil inside that place. It showed us and the couple with us that the enemy had tried to show himself greater than Jesus in our lives.

My friend , whom I respect dearly and admire her relationship with Jesus told me to stand In front of the symbol of evil and we were to pray for a return a thousand fold of what was stolen in my life. So we stood outside, in freezing weather and prayed along the sidewalk. There was an open invitation for a ” rebate”. I saw myself standing at a customer service desk , returning an item.

Yeah, I’d like to return this and get my money back. This item didn’t work properly and I don’t have any need for it.

I saw what the enemy had TRIED to do with my health and my family. But he wasn’t victorious. Jesus was. Jesus was returning and giving me a big fat rebate check. Because that’s how he works. We stood out there for a good while , praying laughing and I cried like a baby. I got healed from a health issue that had been annoying me and trying to distract my mind.

I’m telling you this because I want you to see how much greater Jesus is than ANY circumstance in your life. He’s greater than any evil that’s tried to show itself strong in your life. It’s greater than any illness or stronghold. Greater than any addiction , or depression or lie that has any part of your mind.

If I had seen this a few months ago, I mean really saw it , the power that I have in Jesus over anything that came my way, I would have derailed the plans of my enemy. I probably wouldn’t have ended up in the hospital. I would have saved a whole lot of tears that my Father has in a jar in heaven. If there is a water shortage in your town , just ask Jesus to rain down my mason jar full of tears. I promise it will end world thirst.

We live and learn and in my case load up on medical bills. But it’s ok. My Daddy is rich.

What in your life needs to be brought out into the light to be derailed? Ask him. What in your life needs a rebate? Ask him.

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