Mommy rants of a snow day, unedited.


look how angelic they look. You would never know seconds after this picture was snapped that Asher tripped over a thorn bush, resulting in pulling his sister down with him. Which so happened to give everyone the urge to cry and beg to go inside. So we made homemade hot chocolate. Mommy put Baileys in hers. Amen.

Snow days and Mommas are in the most passionate love hate relationship. I love seeing my kids faces light up as they run and jump in the snow. The snow makes everything look new and I always feel a refreshment in my spirit.


This little sweetie loved the snow, but quickly got bored of wearing so many layers of clothing. She’s quite the hippy at heart. Snow gear cramps her style.



See? Here she is searching our woods for a Hippie Commune. Must take off clothing. With no hope of connecting with her like kind, she heads back inside.




        Oh yeah. That didn’t take long. She’s back to her natural habitat.  See my living room? See the piles of laundry that needed to be done 17 days ago. It’s the snows fault.


This is also the snows fault.


And this.


But the playroom remains unscathed by the days events. Why would they want to play in a room set aside for a thousand toys and activities? That would be ridiculous. 


Asher has gone outside, then inside more times than Bush’s recount was done. I’ve become a master at taking off , and putting back on frozen snow boots. I think I deserve a pedicure. Just look at my feet. No wait, don’t. 

Happy snow day

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