Ever heard an Angel whistle?

I’ve known all my life that Angels existed, and never doubted their protection over me . It wasn’t until early this morning that I felt their protection over our family.


I went to to sleep last night praying aloud for my husband Matt, who is a Landscaper. Snow around here means I’m a single mom, and. Matt has to work into the night scraping roads and pulling people out of ditches. I haven’t seen much of him in 24 hours and I’m contemplating jumping in the mini van and ” accidentally ” getting stuck in a ditch. I could play the woman in distress and he could rescue me. It’s Valentines day after all.

My love language is absolutely quality time, so I’m dying a slow death over here. The Governor declared our area in a state of emergency. Yes, I agree. My Mini van can’t get out of my driveway and I’m out of Merlot.


I was awakened at 6 am . I rolled over to reach for Matt to find he was still not home. I began to worry and pray aloud that he was safe. And warm. Adah woke up to nurse and as I was rocking her I heard this unearthly noise. The sound got louder and louder and I sat there in silence trying to figure out where it was coming from. I walked to the other end of Adahs room and the noise wasn’t as strong. I sat back down in the rocking chair and in my left ear was this high pitched whistle. It wasn’t like anything I’ve heard before. Adah heard it too, and started covering her ears.

Shhhhh she said. We rocked a little longer, and as we rocked I heard other whistles , like a beautiful chorus joining together. I began to ask the Lord what it was I was hearing. I knew then it was Angels . Angels that had been charged to protect and guide our family. It was as if the Angels still at our home, outside, like a tight band around our family were calling communicating to the ones that went with Matt out in the snow. They were communicating in a way that showed me just how real they are. How powerful and very present.

Just then I received a text message from Matt asking me to let him in the back door. I realized then there was silence outside. My husband was home and safe.

If we believe what the bible says about Angels, this should not shock me or anyone else. It should point our eyes to our Father, who loves us so passionately that he assigns Angels to our guard.

so on this valentines day, let him love on you.

2 thoughts on “Ever heard an Angel whistle?

  1. I also heard a whistling sound twice this March 2018. First was in the morning while i was meditating in my room and second was at night in my room before i sleep.

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