Ever heard an Angel whistle?

The Witty Uterus

I’ve known all my life that Angels existed, and never doubted their protection over me . It wasn’t until early this morning that I felt their protection over our family.


I went to to sleep last night praying aloud for my husband Matt, who is a Landscaper. Snow around here means I’m a single mom, and. Matt has to work into the night scraping roads and pulling people out of ditches. I haven’t seen much of him in 24 hours and I’m contemplating jumping in the mini van and ” accidentally ” getting stuck in a ditch. I could play the woman in distress and he could rescue me. It’s Valentines day after all.

My love language is absolutely quality time, so I’m dying a slow death over here. The Governor declared our area in a state of emergency. Yes, I agree. My Mini van can’t get out of my…

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