Have you already eaten when Jesus invites you to supper?


It’s Monday morning and I’ve been walking around stepping on cracker crumbs, doing dishes I’ve put off from the entire weekend and making useless resolutions to myself. But out loud so my kids hear them. Like…


” Absolutely NO food anywhere but the kitchen from now on. I can’t take sweeping all day long. “




” If everyone continues to wake up at the crack of dawn , your new bedtime is 5 pm. Dinner will be served at 4 pm , and immediately following dinner you will have the snack you so long for 5 seconds after you finish your plate.”


I knew I was being irrationally grumpy. It Was my own fault my house was in chaos.


I’m fairly certain that one of my children suffers from toddler PMS. I won’t name any names, but Rhema is driving me crazy crying lately. God bless her relentless strong will for your glory Lord, amen.


And amen.


Today during a crying fit I told her if she couldn’t control herself to go lay on her bed. It was only a matter of seconds before I had a flash back of last night, around 2 am.


A tiny hand grazes my boob.


” Momma , can I take my shirt off and sleep in your bed?”


” Rhema why do you want to do that? “


” Because I peed on it.”


That’ll wake a Mom up. She was so close to soaking my new clean sheets with urine. So I unconsciously gave her a bath, I think. Then I put clean clothes on her and didn’t have any more energy to change her sheets. So I let her sleep with me. Daddy wasn’t happy about this lazy choice, and I slept just a wink the entire night.




So from the kitchen I had a flash back.


” Rhema! No don’t lay on your bed! There’s pee on it.”


I ran back there to find her face down in said pee. Scooped her up. Gave her yet another bath. Apologized for forgetting to change the sheets. Had another cup of coffee. Counted to ten . Took a shower. Cured cancer.


I dealt with several balloon happenings. My kids do well sharing balloons. And by well I mean horrible. We were given a set of like I don’t know, 7 balloons. And with my three children 7 wasn’t enough. You know because I have those kids with three hands. They’re very rare and very influential to society. We accept donations.


In the shower I had a moment to reflect on my immature behavior. Wasn’t it MY fault the dishes were piled high trying to reach heaven? Wasn’t it MY fault I had allowed the kids to eat granola bars this morning . In their rooms. In the bathroom tub. Sitting on the toilet.


Don’t judge me.


SO I stood there and realigned my thoughts. I let his presence wash over me. I asked him to take my bad attitude and replace it with his love. So he did. He’s always faithful to give me peace. And a few minutes to wash my hair.


That last part was a lie.


I didn’t have time to wash my hair. But I did discover something that has very well changed my life. Dry shampoo. How did I ever parent without it? How did I ever go to Target without it? I was a lost soul until this day. Thanks for the prayers everyone. I now have semi clean locks. And by locks I mean greasy hair.


Revelation about my life came fast. How often had I based MY frustrations on things I COULD control. Like let’s be real. Everyday.


I could have done the dishes last night. I could have been more responsible this morning and told the kids they can’t eat like animals. I could have… I could have… I could have….


But I didn’t right?


Backing up, in the shower I saw peoples lives . Like a picture book.


I saw Jesus standing behind a table set for royalty. There were fine fruits and vegetables. Quality meats and unfermented wines. Just kidding, he’s a gracious father. They were at least 13%.


He was inviting everyone to feast and dine with him. To fellowship and be together as a family.


The first person invited said to Jesus:


“No thanks. Lord, I already ate.”


The second person said :


” This looks great but I already have plans to meet a friend in a few minutes.”


And the third said :


” I’m not hungry.”




In this I saw a few things.


The choices we make affect our appetite for Jesus. When we continuously sin on a daily basis we are full of lies, so we aren’t very hungry for truth. Are we?


We often blame God for setting a table before us that we cannot eat. The table that we partake of before his feast.


Well it was THERE. Wasn’t I supposed to eat this appetizer? He wouldn’t put something in my path that smelled so delicious for me just to ignore it. Surely not. He wants good things for me, quality food.


I was hungry after all.


In all this I’m learning to eat HIS food .


Wait for his invitation to his feast. I promise the food and the wine is quality, in turn will not give you food poisoning. There are no regrets at his table. Only divine appointments and holiness.


What is his food that he wants to give us? It’s the fruit of the spirit, of course . He wants to fill us.


Will you feast with him today?










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