You can laugh in it.

You can laugh in it.

Some days you just have to throw up your hands and laugh. In one hand you have a white flag and the other is empty because you are supposed to be holding something. But you forgot . Because your littlest just got into the pantry , climbed to the top shelf where you carefully place the cereal boxes, and helped herself to the rice crispies.

It’s an awful cereal to sweep up. And pull one by one off of their tiny shirts.

But you do it don’t you? Every last crumb. Because that’s who you are.

You’re a good mom. It’s what you were made to be. Your children are who you were made to love.

On the other hand ….some days, some days the cereal sits for hours on end because you waved the white flag following the breakfast table shenanigans and after realizing you are out of oxygen. Or coffee, pretty much the same thing.

But He sees us , doesn’t he?

He sees the middle of the night wake up calls for milk, he sees our hands clinging to the walls trying to make it to their crib without tripping over a toy. He hears our tired sighs and wants so much to be our helper.

When he thought of your children, he thought of you first.

He made you perfectly capable of loving, feeding, raising,disciplining, rocking, tickling , and launching your children into the hands of their maker. We can trust him to teach us to love them well. We can trust him to lift our weary heads and give us the grace for another bowl of cereal. For another bedtime story.

Another coloring page.

Not only can he give us grace and strength in motherhood.

He can give us joy , right in the middle of breaking up a sibling fight. Because he made you to be their Momma. Why wouldn’t he want us to deeply enjoy it?

He can give us laughter when:

You walk out of the shower to see your 16 month old reaching for your breasts and screaming :
” mmmmmm momma mmmmmm !” Like I’m a piece of medium well steak.

You can laugh when your three year old tells you bedtime is just too stressful, and you can all too well agree with her.

You can find joy when your five year old is convinced the tooth fairy will bring him a four wheeler, so you find him slamming his tooth against his toothbrush. In hopes of those four wheels of fun.

You can laugh until you almost wet yourself when you find yourself lying in your babies crib trying to get her back to sleep, when your husband walks in , shakes his head, and leaves the room.

Let’s all laugh more today. What do we have to loose? Our minds? Maybe.

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