Are you full or screaming for milk?

Are you full or screaming for milk?

We all know that grin. The milk drunk grin when babies fall asleep drinking milk. There’s seriously nothing sweeter than those memories I have ingrained in my heart. The fact that you supplied their nutrition and they were satisfied enough to pass out on your chest.

When we are full, we are able to rest , right?

How about when you put your children to bed and three seconds later they are asking for a snack. For milk. Something , anything to satisfy their lack of empathy that you have dreamt of bedtime since 2 pm.

I’ve started this new routine that doesn’t work, but I’d like to think it will work every night before bedtime. Don’t ask for advice on bedtime from me. Sometimes I fall asleep sitting straight up reading a bedtime story. And sometimes I put them to bed at 4:38 pm .

” Whoever wants a glass of milk before we brush your teeth speak up now. And whoever needs water, fruit (or put your hand down you may not have chocolate ), speak up.”

There’s usually at least 1 or 3 out of all my 3 children that I have that will be hungry when they’re trying to sleep. Sometimes they probably are hungry from skipping dinner to daydream about dessert, but mostly they aren’t really hungry. They just want Mommas attention. I’ve learned the different octaves of their voices, who is lying and who isn’t.

I spend most of my day trying to feed them healthy foods. Shopping at several different grocery stores to fill their bellies with good stuff. Sustainable snacks and nourishing dinners.

I’m not into force feeding my kids. I give them a choice of what’s for snack or for dinner, and give them the free will to decide if they eat the food I serve. I know the food is good for them, and tell them so but they are still children. Learning life as they go.

You know who else offers us healthy food all day long, but gives us the choice whether we will eat it or eat junk?



Matthew 4:4

” People need more than bread for their life. They must feed on every word of God.”

Earlier this week I was asking Him to give me more hunger for his written word.

When I asked him to fill my heart with new hunger he said:

:: That first bite leads to others , and tingles your taste buds to want more. A favorite meal is requested by your belly. I will do that for you. I will treat you.::

You see he tries to feed us healthy food all day long, so that when it’s time to go to sleep we are full.

I’m learning to rest during a hard season of my life. It’s really hard to rest when you’re still hungry. When you didn’t get enough nourishment during the day.

I feel much like a child somedays. Screaming at him from my bed. I’ve been bathed and brushed and tucked in but I’m still hungry. Please Lord, can I have something to eat?

If I would simply learn to eat throughout the day, I wouldn’t be famished when it’s time to be quiet. When it’s time to rest. Because I’ll have that full belly. A full belly of his word. His living , breathing word that radiates out of my very being.

I want that full belly. I want that restful sleep, just like a newborn who fully relies on it’s mother to feed her. The baby never doubts if the milk is good or plenty.

She just drinks it.

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