Tiny people. Huge impact.

The Witty Uterus

Tiny people. Huge impact.

Yesterday was one of those days where I felt so much disunion between my children. Oh course children will be children and they will fight. They will take each others toys and throw Goldfish on the floor. And then step on said Goldfish to make sure their rubbed into the carpet. My favorite. Ain’t no broom gettin’ that up sister, grab the vacuum.

I was sick of it. Sick of the yelling and name calling. Sick of hearing :

” you’re not my friend anymore.”

I had remained calm the entire day, and no it did not require a shot of Baileys in my coffee. But it was the peace of Jesus . He knew I needed it.

We were about to go out to the grocery store. Which is everyday. Does anyone else feel like this? Ok.

With my littlest crying at my feet , my oldest screaming and…

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