The Passover pew.

I have a problem with people knocking on my door. Especially during nap time, or dinner time or any time o’clock.

Our neighborhood must look very secular and lost, as we have people of a different religious faith knocking on our doors almost daily. Our house especially. They must read my blog and notice that I partake of quite a bit of Jesus’s first miracle .

Today it happened again. Visitors.

Our front door is glass, which is pretty … But that means these said people, God bless them , can see me grab my children and run to the hall bathroom in hopes of finding my salvation there. There’s been several times where I actually opened the door and told them we had already received the good news.

” Jesus is alive in this house! Thanks for stopping by!”

i wanted to to make a sign, but then I would look like the redneck woman I am. Then it came to me, the story of the Passover. When the lambs blood was on the door the house was spared. Give them a sign. Anything. But it must be holy.


But the problem was they wanted to come in. And I wasn’t wearing a bra, in fact I wasn’t sure where it was. They would most likely sit on it on the sofa, and be so inclined to stay longer to pray for me.

” Lord bless this woman , and protect her bastard children from her life’s influence. Amen.”

So today was the day I fixed the issue. I put a church pew on my front porch.

Why you ask?

Because it states what I want to say, but cannot because I am hiding.

The pew says:

We’ve heard the good news. In fact we hold church here, right here on this pew . The pew says please by pass our house, we are no longer sinners , but saved by his grace. And this pew.

Please , please notice that our house is different from all the rest. It’s holy.

Unknockable. Amen.

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