When we moved into this house there were several things already here. Some practical, some special gestures of my Jesus straight to my heart. The colors on the walls were exactly what I would have chosen. Several decorative items sat in the basement closet for me to find. And I did find them. Because I knew there was more to this house than just favorite colors and extra brown sofas.


This house , in this season was for me to rest. To adorn with his presence, and to give that peace away to others. But only after I found it myself. You can’t give away what you do not own.


Sunday morning I had a vision that I felt like was for myself, but also for others that are searching for his peace and his comfort in hard times in their lives. He said to my heart:


“I am stirring up the waters of your spirit into a funnel. Over and over they are being stirred up and made clean. It isn’t very much fun, but I am creating a healthy dam within your soul. A dam that keeps your joy and wisdom inside that cannot leak out. You will learn to harbor a healthy amount before you release the dam into others spirits. You must first drink it yourself. “


I wrote that down, and then asked him how this happens. He said:


” When does peace happen? How do I except it?”


:: with more interpretation ::


“When does that happen?”


:: with more obedience.::


” When does that happen?”


:: with more consistence in my presence.::




During difficult times the BEST thing for our souls is to purposely get ourselves in situations where he can speak. Peace comes from his spirit , yes… But it comes from obedience. When we are obedient to listen to his voice, peace joins our hearts in a way that is out of humbleness. A servants heart. A surrender of our feelings and strife into his heart where it is safe. So safe.


A few nights ago I finally experienced real, consistent , joyful peace during a difficult time. Listening to a dear friend share horrific struggles and horrifying stories, we laughed.


We laughed because we were both able to feel him right in the middle of this evil world. We laughed because his peace comes from obedience to his spirit.


What does it mean to be obedient to him? If we are obedient to his spirit the only result is JOY. Because he is joy. He is love. He is a happy God.


When we lean and dance to the beat of his heart, we can fully say that he isn’t just IN us, he is around us. Dancing with us to the beat of the Fathers heart for our lives.


In searching for items in this house I found a can of green paint. It was then that I wanted to paint everything green.




Jesus help me, I’ve painted four items green. It may not stop there. I am obsessed with this baby poop, pollen ridden color. It is unstoppable.


I chose to venture out and paint an old dollhouse with Rhema a couple days ago. This did not last long as she quickly got bored and asked me to do it.


With gloops of paint dripping from the walls of the house , she sat down and started to read a book. She didn’t feel confident anymore in her ability to paint, even though I was cheering her on the entire way. In this The Lord spoke to me and said:


” Even in your weariness to finish what you have started , I will not leave the paint to dry unfinished. I will come along side you and finish what you have started . Lean into me and allow my spirit to be your helper. Let’s finish what we’ve started as a team. You don’t have to paint alone. “










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