Abiding in Him.



Our children would stay outside all day long if they didn’t need to be fed and to bathe. And sometimes sleep. Although they have done all three outside , asking them to come inside for supper is like nails on a chalkboard. Torture. Just one more lap around the driveway on my bike Momma. Please. Ok. Dinner can wait.


Preparing dinner the other night , Rhema walks in the kitchen from outside. Tiny flower in hand , she carefully gets a vase out , fills it with water and sets the flower in it.


” This should go in your room Mom. It’s beautiful. “


I love love how my Father speaks to me using my most precious possession. My children. He said :


:: Don’t you enjoy her being in here with you. She is safe and you are aware of what she is doing. She is under your wing.::


I saw then how he must feel when I chose to get up early and be with him. How happy that must make him that I’ve come inside from playing to sit in his lap. Learn how his heart works, and all the wonder that comes from loving him.


He wasn’t through showing me how spending time with him looks like. I walked onto the front porch to see Asher riding the lawn mower with my husband. Grin on his face , he was completely content sitting on Daddy’s lap, learning the ropes of manhood. The yard was complete, and Matt got out the weed eater. Asher stood there in amazement of Matts skill to use that tool.


He followed him around the yard , probably dreaming of the day he could take over this duty. Probably dreaming of what it would be like to know how to use it. Being five years old, he is not yet at the age to use it on his own. But he is watching, and choosing to be in his Daddy’s presence.


I saw in this that even when we have no idea what we are doing, just being in his presence we will see how God does things, and eventually they will become easy. I struggled with not knowing how to pray, or what to do during my quiet times, but as the days go on and I still choose his presence over anything else life throws my way, I learn.


Asher can’t weed eat or mow the lawn, that would be dangerous to his well being. But his father can. His father can show him how it’s done, so that when it’s time , Asher will be ready.


He often takes us through seasons where it seems in our flesh, he’s left us. He’s left us to do this ourselves. Those are all lies. He’s right there showing us how it’s done. Even when we are clueless and tired. Weary and sleepy.


He’s brought me back to times where I know he was training me for this current season. That’s the beauty of seasons, they never come without training . They never come unexpected when we walk in his presence. When we choose his presence.


So whether you are watching your father do something you aren’t yet mature enough for , or doing it along side him……


He . Is. There.


We just just recognize whether to sit back and watch, or pick up the power tools and go to town. That comes from being with him in the yard , from the time we are small in faith and to the time we go to be with him.



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