We do all things together. We have to.

Us Haggerty girls do all things together. Luckily I have my girls to keep me company while I use the toilet. While I brush my teeth and while I wash my hair on that rare occasion.Image



Now that I’m 26 , I’ve taken more caution when laying out in the sun. I’m sceptic all of chemical filled sun screens, and have opted to try and make my own sunscreen. While I make my own granola and tie dye t shirts. And search for a commune.

Today I was impressed with my daughters desire to keep their mothers skin fare. And young. And wet.

By wet, I think you know what I mean. Adah wasn’t wearing a diaper. Which isn’t her fault. I’m an idiot.

While some women travel in packs to use the restroom, we sun bathe together. We take it very seriously. As you can see.

Sun bathing is better with your mom and sister. It just is.

In other news I will not get the tan I had hoped for. But if urine is a good cleanser, than Adahs your girl. She knows no shame letting loose on the one that gave her life. And life abundantly. Look at those rolls. 

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