With her eyes


p>Communicating with our eyes is often more powerful than our tongue. A simple look can say what your mouth has wanted to say , but your heart wanted to speak with your eyes. Eyes are not just for sight, but for soul piercing , silent conversations of the heart.

I arrived to the diner before my husband. I found the nearest booth and gathered all three children into it. I hadn’t fed my children in weeks, or so they thought as they grabbed the menus and began to pretend to read them. And cry because they hadn’t eaten in 17 minutes. Overwhelmed , but trying not to show my frustration with my littlest who wanted to breast feed. Again. I ordered three waffles , eggs and God knows I ordered a coffee. Diner coffee is probably one of my most favorite things on the planet. Listen I know it’s Folgers , but that MUG they put it in sends me on a mini vacation. To warm caffeine land. Endless refills doesn’t make me mad either.

As I sipped my coffee it was then I noticed her. An elderly woman, a beautiful youthful one. Her laugh lines wrinkled her face as she took a bite of her breakfast. Eggs, white toast and grits . She sipped her coffee and I noticed her fancy blue bracelet that perfectly matched her blue jacket on this 83 degree day. Her hair was carefully curled, red lip stick danced across her lips. She was content, but very alone in that booth. Our eyes met as she smiled, then quickly looked away.

The waitress brought the food out and I began to start the assembly line of food. Three plates. Three waffles. Send help and a knife. And more coffee. As soon as everyone had a plate, Rhema, my middle daughter turned around and waved at the blue jacketed woman. I found this odd as she is usually shy with people she doesn’t know well. The woman waved back and went back to her buttered grits.

Throughout our meal of Super man toys being thrown across the room and onto an innocent neighbors plate, endless coffee refills and countless ” please don’t hit your sister” the woman spoke to my very soul with her eyes.

Not an ounce in her eye spoke judgement. Not when my constant sighs where louder than the cooks clanging of pots and pans. Not when had to get my youngest out of her high chair because she was crying crocodile tears for more breast milk, as the waffle wasn’t enough . She only spoke encouragement to my spirit as she sat in silence.

I wondered, in the chaos of my breakfast if her husband had passed away and left her here. In this diner alone. I wondered how many children she had, if any. Did they visit her? I wondered if this diner was her usual breakfast spot, and if so was she on a name to name basis with this waitress. Her smile wasn’t often , and that’s what made it all the more genuine.

How often had I smiled not meaning it out of love or joy, but out of obligation or fear?

She said to me with her eyes,

Enjoy these moments now , Momma. It won’t be long before you will miss them.

She said to me with her eyes that being a Mother is all too fast, you have to love slower.

She said to me with her eyes watch the way Your daughter looks at your son. It isn’t all cat and dog in this booth. They have a true friendship under all the games.

She said to me with her eyes that my effort to raise them to truly love and respect people isn’t in vain. I won’t fail, because she didn’t.

She said to me with her eyes to talk to my children slower, softer, quieter. They are eager to hear my voice and grow from my words.

She said to me with her eyes:

Use your eyes to love them, and your mouth to back it up.


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