Dating Jesus

The Witty Uterus

Dating Jesus

This morning as I awoke to breakfast in bed and a caramel latte with whole milk, 3 shots, scrambled eggs with cheese and homemade whole wheat bread with strawberry jam my husband asked :

” how did you sleep last night? How are you feeling right now!?”

I don’t know honey. Rhema’s butt is in my face and I have left over breast milk stain on my shirt that’s beginning to smell like a water treatment plant. Speaking of water treatment plant WHAT is that smell, did you just change Adahs diaper or is that my breath? I’ll get back to your question after I finish my dream I was just having.

I got the kids ready for church, bathed and fed. Sundays are always hard getting out the door and making sure no one looks homeless. This mornings breakfast for me consisted of 3 cups of coffee to feel…

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