Visions of heaven

My living room is clearly a holy place. Just look at that clean laundry. Anointed I tell ya.
My living room is clearly a holy place. Just look at that clean laundry. Anointed I tell ya.

I believe with every fiber of my being that when we suffer tragic events in this life, and we keep our eyes on Jesus, following his heart we can overcome and be healed. I also believe that when we overcome hurts, or sickness or addictions we are given an anointing by our Papa to pray for others to be released.

That’s why I am sharing with my blog followers about a vision I had this morning. I pray as you read this your eyes are opened to the spirit realm. It’s real you know. I would also like to say that I am not more spiritual than you.

I’m just his daughter who is hurting, so he is healing me.


Last night I tossed and turned. Sleep was rare but yet my body was exhausted. I awoke this morning to poopy diapers and hungry babies. Early. I fed them , changed them kissed them and not in that particular order. After the chaos settled because Mickey Mouse clubhouse came on I laid on the sofa.

You know defeated. While my kids ate goldfish off of a blanket on the floor. Laundry scattered about, because it wouldn’t be laundry unless I had folded it neatly at 1 am while drinking wine and watching Full House . Adah likes to help me by unloading the folded basket. This resulted in more sighs and white flags raised.

With MM on I closed my eyes. Suddenly I became exhausted ( ha . Even more ) like a large blanket was over me. I was so comfortable my body began to twitch as if I was falling asleep. All at once in just my right eye I began to have a clear , vivid vision.

I saw my Jude boy. He was in a large grassy field with other children playing dress up. With a towel. Yep he’s mine. The first towel he had on was red. I believe for redemption. And the blood of Jesus over his life. Then he changed and the towel was white. For pureness of joy, which he then imparted to me as I watched in awe. He was running and laughing and wrestling the other boys. Not one child was left out. They played together in harmony and I got to watch. Then it turned to a different vision. Jude was a bit older.

He was grinning learning to ride his first bike . The bike was red and vintage looking. Of course there’s no safety regulations in heaven, so not helmet was needed. This is a good thing. If he is anything like his mother he is rather clumsy. Good thing he can’t get hurt up there . He learned immediately . Just like his older brother.

The next vision was of him , again slightly older. He was riding a roller coaster. Laughing , carrying on with his friends who were also riding. The colors were so vivid and loud there. Nothing earthly about it.

I didn’t want the vision to end, but alas there was laundry to do and children to watch. I believe I will get to see him often , because after all I am his mother. When I opened my eyes overwhelming joy came over me and a burst of energy as well. I’m praying this continues throughout the day , and heck the rest of my life. His joy is contagious and fun.

If you are reading this now, and you have lost a child I pray in Jesus name that your eyes would be opened. That you would begin to see your child in dreams and vision. I pray open heavens to be released to you right now. Amen .

This happened while Momma was in heaven with her baby brother. Rhema dressed her. I'm impressed , but mostly by her hair.
This happened while Momma was in heaven with her baby brother. Rhema dressed her. I’m impressed , but mostly by her hair.

2 thoughts on “Visions of heaven

  1. I love this. I hope one of the kids he was playing with was Moses. 🙂

    1. I hope so too:)

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