Encounters birth insight


I had a crazy Jesus experience a couple of nights ago. More crazy than my usual times with The Lord. I had battled on whether to share it because it is so strange , but then I remembered people all over the world already know I’m weird. So, I might as well go ahead .

Plus I think it will encourage people . Or totally freak them out. Either way, I hope you believe me when I say that I do not do acid. Or drop it? Eat it? Sip it. Whatever. I don’t .

I had gone to bed that night, just like any other night. My head hit the pillow and my mind raced with the list of do’s and don’ts of the next day. DO clean the sheets, DON’T get a pet snake for Asher. Then all went black. I didn’t have the energy to think or pray or even take my mascara off. I was night night.

I was awakened at 2 am , desperately thirsty for the water on my nightstand. With no baby crying for my boob, I sat up lazily to take a chug. You know just up enough to hydrate yourself , but not sitting up enough to work on your spine posture.

Suddenly I saw it. I kid you not there was a tiny black and white dress, revolutionary war like, standing alone on my nightstand . It had three quarter length sleeves and a split down the middle. No woman was in it, it just stood alone. I tried to reach out and grab it to make sure I wasn’t insane. I wasn’t about to reach it without getting out of bed. Instead I laid there watching it. I knew God was showing me something. So I relented to his voice.

” Close your eyes Rach.”

He didn’t have to twist my arm, you guys … It was 2 am.

Immediately as I closed my eyes I saw a ship in the water. A massive pirate ship. In this pirate ship I saw a man taking the wheel and turning it the way it should go. He was in charge and in control. I saw myself , in the same dress I just saw with my physical eyes behind the man. Arms folded, hair blowing in the wind of the storm that surrounded me. I was confident that this man would keep me safe. I wouldn’t be flung out of the boat, nor would I drown because of the rough waters.

I just rested, watched and kept being protected.

Suddenly the waters turned to wheels of a clock. We began pressing on anyway , into the test of time. Over and over the wheels tried to rock the ship and throw me off. But I stood there, expressionless. I wasn’t fazed. Nor was the man.

With careful prayer, and wisdom from dream and vision interpreters I learned what this vision meant. For me , it meant a number of things that are personal to The Lord and I. But I believe that this vision was for you as well.

The dress represents the armor we have in The Lord. The clothing he is pleased to give us. To keep us hidden in him.

The driver of the ship is his spirit, when he died on the cross the Holy Spirit was his gift to us as his children. When we allow him to steer the ship, we will never waver.

I also believe it was symbolic for you, the test of time and the hardships life brings. The driver of our ship presses on regardless of circumstances in life . He isn’t afraid to help you keep moving, in fact he is confident in his ability to move you into your destiny in the kingdom.

In all the things he taught me from this, one thing means the world to my heart.

We need but to rest and let him drive.

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