Breast feeding into toddler years


Having three children , it’s apparent they are all very different. Each one likes different foods. It’s rare they share a common interest in anything other than sugar.

Can I just say that each one laughs differently , cries differently, sleeps differently. And each one breastfed differently. The details would bore you , so ill just say this: no kid is the same.

So why should there be a specific age you ween them? If their needs and personalities are all diverse , it’s possible that their nutritional and bonding needs are all different too.

Our third came by emergency c section. Bonding took a few months , but we worked at it. Breast feeding has allowed the chemical make up of my body to bond with hers.

You all know the questions :

“She’s almost two , when will you stop nursing her?”

” Doesn’t she need some independence from you ?”

” I bet you aren’t producing anything, it’s just for comfort.”

The well meaning list goes on , but you just smile and say :

” I plan on stopping when she’s ready .”

And I do.

Have I had days where she drove me clinically insane grabbing at my boob all day long , to the point I wanted to join Survivor and build a tent out of sticks and large underwear because I wanted to scream ?


But I’ve pressed on , and let down. 😉

For us it’s saved our relationship. Of course I would have loved her anyway , but our bond has become so deep because of physical touch. I know her smell as she knows mine.

My first two I weened right around 14 months , listening to the peanut gallery about what milestone my baby should be hitting and when.

– special note to peanut gallery. Eat your own Peanuts and stop expecting me to eat the ones you throw at my face. I’ll buy my own bag.

You wouldnt stick a crowd of adults together in one room and give them all the same lunch. Some may have dietary restrictions , some may be picky and some may like devour the lunch. But once you hand each person in that room a menu :

They get to choose what they want to eat.

Why not give your babies and toddlers that same choice. To be picky eaters, ( but still make sure they get proper nutrition , ya gotta get creative.) to not like all the same foods you love and to heaven forbid :

Breast feed past age one without being shamed.

She still needs me, and I’m just fine with that.

So Mommas: be brave to nurse. Be brave to stand strong in whatever you feel is best for your children. I’m standing with you.

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    1. Thank you momma!!!

  1. Just something so simple I needed to read today !

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