Angels on the beach


The day is blissfully hot as I lay almost face down in the sand. My warm towel consumes my body as I relish the rays.

With worship music playing my soul grabs hold of his presence. I enter into his arms and I see.

The waves crash and crash again as the children swim with their Daddy. I get to enjoy a moment of silence , for a brief few seconds. The moment is gently interrupted by the Angelic presence behind me.

His feet standing on the sand , sandals sinking in , unphased by the hot sun, for he is perfection, he watched me. Hovered over my body , watching over me. I laid there completely content to stay for days.

He lifted his hand above his head to look at my children , cheering in the ocean with joy. He walked closer to the shore and turned back to me. My soul nodded that I was unafraid as he left me for a brief moment to care for my children in the crashing waves.

It was in that moment that I realized he is always with me , my Angel.

I wasn’t alone long , As he sent another Angelic guardian. Larger than he.

I smiled and laid back into the sand . The children quickly came to check on their relaxing Momma, as I embraced them.


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