I will not regret

The beloved farm house The beloved farm house

Choices are huge in life, whether it be where we work or live or attend church. Where we go for lunch , or what our favorite date night spot is . I've learned in the course of a year that our choices affect our destiny , directly. But our choices give us freedom to be ourselves.

Choices can be special things when we lay aside opinions of others and really. I mean really think for ourselves . Others opinions aside, what do you want?

Does this mean I'm saying don't seek wise counsel and walk with The Lord? No. What I am saying is , what if we made educated choices for ourselves? What if we jumped into something that is our hearts desire, regardless of whether we would fail, someone would hurt us or it just plain wouldn't work out.

There's an explosion of self confidence and pure joy when we jump out in faith to do something courageous. Or even just DIFFERENT.
A happy memory on the front porch steps . Adah is one.

Whether our choices in this life hurt us or protect us, when we walk with The Lord we are pushed into greatness. His plans for us include greatness. Isn’t that exciting? No matter how much we screw up, he is there to help us. Ahead of us, for he knows what path to put us on next.
My happy place, the front porch.

We need to trust that when we make decisions based on our brains alone, and those decisions end up betraying us, he is there. He isn’t sitting back with his arms folded saying, well you got yourself into this tangled web, don’t you know how to get out of it?

He’s there to redeem. While there are consequences for our actions, when we accept his forgiveness , we build character. We learn that next time, let’s think this through a bit more. Let’s seek more wise counsel.

Maybe you’ve stepped out into something you felt The Lord called you into. I did. I moved our three children into an old farm house because I felt in my spirit it was right.

It was not right, but you know what was right. Him in me. Him shaping me into what I needed to be. The mother . The wife. The friend. The adventure awaited me as I stepped foot into that door, and the adventure remained as I gathered my things and moved out.

I refuse to let failure make my heart guarded. I want to be open to what he has for me next.

What was ultimately in the worlds eyes a failure, matured me in depths I couldn’t have gotten any other way. I’m grateful for the pain that shaped me. I’m grateful for the memories. Good and bad that made me courageous.

We can be courageous even in failure. For He is just, and will raise us back up, even when we don’t mean to fall.


It wasn’t a failed attempt at success or happiness. Just a stepping stone to my destiny as a woman of Christ.

It ended like this. But I refuse to count it as a loss. It was my gain and my pleasure to know him in every way. .
My temperature dropped to 94.6 loving in this house. I recovered well. Then we retreated. Grieving I left behind my dream. And Into my destiny. He's good. My temperature dropped to 94.6 living in this house. I recovered well. Then we retreated. Grieving I left behind my dream. And Into my destiny. He’s good.

2 thoughts on “I will not regret

  1. I refuse to let failure make my heart guarded.

    I love that.

    Thanks for writing this blog.

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Love you friend !

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