Lately my encounters with Jesus have been in the night. Sleep doesn’t come easily these certain nights, which is no change in the past 6 years of my life. What is sleep really? Just add extra coffee

I had been asking the Lord for his spirit to shield me and comfort me in these days. I’m still struggling with moments of deep sadness, and struggling to keep them inside , only to let out in the quiet moments with him. My children need their Mother present and smiling. That’s ok, this is life. I’ve had to put my big girl panties on, and cook dinner. Mind you they are tiny little girl panties, when clean laundry is hard to come by around here I borrow my three year olds. 

Last night I had a dream that I never want to forget, so I am writing it out, praying it will speak to someone hurting. Aching for a word of comfort. 

The dream began and I was watching a baseball game. In a large arena with friends and family, I was enjoying myself. I go to baseball games for the fellowship and the beer. Sports are worthless to me, unless those two key components are present. 

I got up from my seat to use the restroom. As I entered the bathroom I saw two infants on the floor. They were content laying there, one was wrapped in a large green leaf. I thought my dream was finally coming true of someone dropping a baby on my doorstep, in hopes I would keep it. The answer is yes, yes I would. I scooped up the babies, both with beautiful dark skin and blue eyes. I walked out back into the arena and noticed a man looking my way. He got up out of his seat and came towards me. 

” Those are my children. I left them there for you to find. Come, I need to you meet my wife.”

I followed him down winding stairways , while still holding the babies. We came to the end of a hallway where I met the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. Her face was black, and the rest of her body was tan. Her eyes shone with Christ compassion like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Her hair was blowing in the wind that surrounded her, her curls waving around her. She took the babies from my chest , kissed them both , then handed the older one back to me.

” Tell her son, tell her in her ear clearly so she can hear you.”  the mother said to her baby.

The infant boy raised his head to my ear and spoke clearly :


” Tell her again so she knows it.” the mother said.

” RAPHA” the baby said.

I asked what it meant, and as soon as the words came out of my mouth i began weeping. Her eyes met mine and I knew she knew about Jude. I knew then she was a believer. 

” It means healing is coming in Hebrew. It means He is your healer. ” the mother said.

I nodded my head , as no words could form from my lips .


I awoke this morning, and quickly googled the Hebrew word Rapha. Sure enough it means healer. What a beautiful way for Him to reveal that he will heal my heart. He wont leave me in this season.

Today if you are hurting, asking him for his comfort, He will comfort you in ways you may not notice unless you LOOK  . Notice him today, He is speaking to you. Waiting to love on you.

2 thoughts on “Rapha

  1. Do you think the dream means God will give you another child??

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    1. Not necessarily. I got out of it he was healing me from hurt .

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