The Public school battle


When we allow our faith in God to guide us into, or out of life’s situations, we open the door for influence for the Kingdom.

Sometimes allowing his spirit to guide us can seem, at first … insanely like walking into a dark room, wondering where the light switches are. Knowing they are there, and you are safe. But God will you please let my hands find the switch. I can’t even see what is ahead of me or behind me, other than the fact that I know you are present. I know you can hear me asking you for wisdom. But again, please. Shed me some light.

When we make decisions based on our children’s well being, we must be very careful not to base them out of fear of the future. It is one thing to be wise, and careful. But it is another to be swayed with our thoughts of fear of what could be.To be influenced by the lies that ever so plague a Mother’s thoughts.

Satan wants us to live and react in fear.

As a family we made a big decision this week. We decided to place our oldest son in Public School education for Elementary school. This decision came with a lot of tears, but a whole lot of peace.

Tonight as I put away laundry, I began to fold Asher’s private school shirts. The polo’s that he had to wear daily reminded me of all the fond memories of his school. The solid foundation he gained while attending there. The friendships we gained, and the love that surrounds that school.

This week while praying and seeking guidance from the Holy spirit, I learned that almost 99.9 % of the reason we placed him in a private school was because of fear.

I allowed myself to believe the lie that his salvation solely depended on a Christian education.

Surely if he attended Christian school all of his school age years, he would never stray away from the Lord. If he is fed the word daily from his teachers , he won’t hunger for sin. No inappropriate language would be said and he would have a blissful education at our bank accounts expense. Rainbows and butterflies would fly around his classroom and he would eat all of his carrots at lunch time. That way his eye sight would be A plus.

I am in no way saying that Private school isn’t amazing. It is. We loved our experience, it was an amazing start to his education. We will miss it dearly.

But what the Lord has spoken to my spirit so clearly this week has been this piece of life that I so desperately needed to hear:

“His salvation is already written. His destiny already in the works of the Kingdom. It’s your job as his parents to help cultivate that into his everyday life. You cannot depend on a school to do YOUR job. You must take action now to instill in him his worth. Teach him NOW who he is to you and most importantly who he is to me. Let him carry my authority into Public schools. Let him be a leader and a world changer, even in this school system.”

The last thing he asked me, as he was pushing me to limits I never thought possible was very simple, yet so complex to my mind when it comes to my children.

” Do you trust me with him? Wherever he attends?”

I responded with a yes as my fists became less clenched. Slowly I began to open my palms to heaven , as I handed yet another son over to him.

I WILL trust you Lord.

For our children are our best gifts he has given us to love. Each one is so different, so live with his spirit guiding you, You never know where you will end up or what he will have you do.

But in the end, His plans are good. He loves our children much more than we can even begin to understand.THAT is my comfort.

Whether our children are in Public school, Private school or Homeschooled, doesn’t he protect them all the same? Doesn’t he send Angels before them?

Our children will thrive where they are supposed to thrive. It’s our job to fish that out.

I just choose peace, and when I do I pray that my children see it all over my face. Regardless of their school label or the clothing they wear. The shoes on their feet, or toys in their room. I just want to radiate peace, so much so that it is contagious to them.

When they catch the peace, they bring it with them and into friendships they will make in the future.

Parents: Be bold in your child’s education. It starts with you.

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