Being real, beer in hand.


While vacationing at a resort type campground with a pool, and three kids to run after I decided to have a refreshing beer after a long morning of tantrums and breaking up fights. Because , beer.

I cracked the can open and sat down while the kids played in the shallow baby pool. My mind was relaxing from a long week of editing my book, and although I enjoy it , it does drain me. Emotionally , physically , it brings back up old wounds that I thought were mended , but surfacing yet again. I’m learning to choose peace as best that I can to know that isn’t my life anymore . I’m not bound in a house that so caused a battlefield in my mind.

My thoughts were interrupted as someone called my name. I don’t recognize this voice as a family member , and as I turned around I knew who it was . A friend from back home . We embraced and laughed we ended up here of all places on the same day. She introduces me to her mother in law and we hug. She begins to tell me how much my blog inspires her and how she reads it aloud to her family.

It was then I realized I was holding a beer in my hand, talking about my Christian blog. Fear rose up in me that I looked like a fake.

Surely if this Christian woman is drinking beer on vacation, she cannot be deeply spiritual. I struggled with immediate guilt and apprehension as to whether put the beer away or keep sipping.

It was then I felt peace about holding onto it. Holy Spirit spoke clearly :

She isn’t drawn to me in you because she thinks you are perfect . She is drawn to you because you are real and honest. And drink a beer at the pool.

Many Christians would disagree with me in that statement , and that is okay. But what I am learning is this:

We live to please Jesus. Just Him. Not our families. Not our friends.

Often times our choices in life will be tested by family or loved ones. This is ok. Often times people won’t take your walk with The Lord seriously. This is ok too.

We ended up having a great conversation about life and following Jesus . She was real , and I was real . I hope she left feeling HEARD.

Often people just need our ears. No advice is needed when we simply listen. Respect is huge in ministry .

When people really respect themselves , it flows out of their mouths. Into crevices of conversations and deep out of their souls.

These are the people I am drawn too. I am getting off subject , but just hear me out here.

I ministered with a beer in my hand , because personally I don’t feel convicted not to drink in public. Do I get wasted? Absolutely not. Did I ask Holy Spirit if my beer would offend her? Yes I did .

We must be careful what comes out of our mouths, and how we handle our relationships . When we allow offense to rise up against someone’s choices , we are initially saying this :

I don’t respect my self, so I will not respect your choices. But when we allow the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts and words, offense falls away. Suddenly people’s choices don’t offend us.
Why ?

Because it is not your problem. It’s theirs. So why voice it? Can you fix it?


But you can fix you.


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