Heaven is for real

Yesterday after church and lunch and the chaos of failed nap time , we decided to finally watch ” Heaven is for real” as a family.


The popcorn was popped as we all gathered on the sofa to watch. We have the childrens version of the book, and we read it frequently to them at bedtime. And other failed nap times. They are familiar with the story line, and aware that the story is a true one. Their excitement warmed my heart as the movie began.

Having been to heaven, seen into heaven , heard heavens sounds, and even smelled heaven I was curious to see how they portrayed heaven in the movie. Our middle child, Rhema has had Angelic encounters from the time she was very young, and always told me about them. I was happy to see a film made openly expressing the realness of heaven, and showing that the child did not have to die to experience it. I wanted to applaud as the movie started, but ended up breaking up a fight over small and large portion sizes of popcorn bowls. The popcorn then spilled, and I prayed to be taken to heaven , again.

As we watched the first part concerning heaven , I was amazed at the kids responses. Our eldest son began sobbing as he watched, telling me how beautiful heaven was, and wiping my tears I cried, knowing the baby we lost was experiencing heaven at that very moment. He never asked me why I was crying, it was as if he knew, or could feel my deep grief. He continued to wipe my tears as we watched the part about the young boy meeting his baby sister in heaven. My son here on earth comforted me, while I loved on him and missed the one in heaven. It was a deep parallel of what I have and do not have. Having lost one son, it makes me cherish the one I have here even more. I held him tighter as we both cried.

Rhema’s response was so sweet and gentle. Having seen Angelic beings before the movie was no shock to her, as she pointed out that the Angels ” look like real ones, and sound like real ones!” She got up off of my lap and put her knees to the floor and started to pray. The prayer was silent, but as I wept quietly, I felt she was interceding for me.



Rhema Zoae praying while watching Heaven is for Real.
Rhema Zoae praying while watching Heaven is for Real.


Our youngest here on earth watched her sister praying and got up from the sofa, grabbed the remote and started singing while closing her eyes. She does this often, usually while raising her hands. I was astounded at their response to the Holy Spirit while watching a movie based on faith, and believing in the miraculous. 

Adah Harbor , topless... singing into the remote.
Adah Harbor , topless… singing into the remote.


I was surprised how open the movie was about heavenly visitations, but so so glad the did it the way they did. I loved how they showed the opposition the family faced, as they stood tall and faithful. I loved that they took their 4 year old seriously as he openly told them about his heavenly experience. I hope that it touches many families, especially parents… and shows them that we can all have encounters with Jesus. BEFORE we die.

I have had people accuse me of lying, or even being led astray from Jesus as I share my Angelic experiences. My question for them would be, if you believe a cute little 4 year old, and enjoy the light hearted movie … why would you not believe that what I am writing is true? 

It saddens me that some Christians have closed off their minds to what they :

1) have no explanation for. 

2) are fearful of

3) what they have searched the bible for, but cannot find. 

Personal experiences( YOU ) have with Jesus will not be in the bible for you to read about. They are experiences that YOU will have to write in the book of your relationship with Jesus. They are YOUR ” red letters ” in the book of your life. 

Experiences are all about FAITH in the unknown. 

Knowing that Jesus is real and personal enters you into a faith that his presence can do whatever he wants. It’s ok that you won’t always have an answer for what he does, we aren’t meant to each time. Sometimes the mystery is what draws us nearer to his heart. In the mystery we are stretched until we are forced to grow.

The mystery is exciting. So many are missing out on extra kisses from our Father. Encounters we were always meant to have, but have turned a blinded eye to.

At the end of the movie the kids, especially Asher wanted to see Jesus again. They want to know exactly what he looks like, and who they are praying to. Who they have invited into their little hearts. We got the book out and read it again and again. 

It is important NOW to teach our children how to pray and have a relationship with their Maker. Their Papa. To not be afraid of Angelic experiences, even demonic ones. As they all draw us closer to Him, and mold the path we were meant to walk in him.

For us heaven isn’t just a place we long for , even here on earth. It’s a place that holds something so precious. Our son Jude. Heaven is a blanket around him, a warmth I cannot provide. My gratefulness for what Jesus did for us there on that cross has grown. It has provided my baby a home.


Asher studying Jesus's face intently. The questions this movie provoked were so raw.
Asher studying Jesus’s face intently. The questions this movie provoked were so raw.

2 thoughts on “Heaven is for real

  1. I love this. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m reading the book “Heaven” by randy Alcorn now. It is deeply encouraging to think about heaven when I know that’s where I’ll meet Jesus, my dad and my sweet baby.

    I’m still praying daily to see Moses. No answer yet.

    How are you??

    Did you hear back about Asher?

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Oh I’ll have to read that one! Been praying for you to see Moses daily. Asher wasn’t accepted for a transfer , so we are at a hard cross road. I know his spirit will guide us to the right school.

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