Don’t hate the peace.

My heavy bags full of sunscreen and pool snacks met the first open table I could find. My eyes on eager children to jump in the pool, I saw her immediately. Her arrogant stance infuriated me as she lay there, completely relaxed. Unaware of my children storming past her, into the cool water.

Her hair and make up was perfection. She probably had a date later that night.  Maybe that’s why she wasn’t in the water, splashing about like a German Shepard  for the first time like me. She probably didn’t have any children either. Her stomach was too flat and her boobs too perky. I hated the way she smiled at me. Blast. Her life must be flawless just like her $%^, and she must have everything she has ever wanted. 


It wasn’t long before Rhema noticed her lying there with no little girl playing with her. She scooped her up.

” Look Momma! someone left their Barbie! I love her!”

” Yeah honey, that’s great. “

I watched Rhema delight in making her swim and dive, and all the while I was struck with conviction of my thoughts.

What was wrong with me comparing myself to other women? What was wrong with me denying myself peace, all the while I despised other women’s peace in this season of my life? It’s easy when you are in a hard season to compare and deny yourself grace.

It’s easy for mothers in the trenches of motherhood to compare our lives to Barbie’s. 

When we are on lookers, often the binoculars don’t show the heart of hearts. The smiles seem genuine, but in reality everyone has their own set of issues they are overcoming. When we stop comparing ourselves to other women it leaves us room to be graceful with ourselves. To push ourselves into greatness , but with love and not guilt. 

It’s Satan’s tactic to make us feel alone, very alone. Very cornered until the only way out is comparison . So that when we compare, we comply to everyone else’s lifestyle. 

When we choose to step out of the corner we agreed to stand in, we can except his perfect grace for our weakness, and strength for it. 

I have such a heart for Mother’s to feel loved. To give themselves grace when needed, and to throw Barbie across the room when she seems too perfect. I steer clear of women that seem to have everything together. That don’t break a sweat or ask for advice from wise counsel. 

They aren’t being honest with themselves. We all need community. We all need grace.

So tonight as I go to bed at 8:45 pm like a Grandmother, I say to you this….

Thank you for reading my imperfect blog . Thank you world for loving me as I am. Thank you for sharing and laughing at my faults with me.

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