New MOMS, you aren’t alone. Not for long.

When we had our first child, none of our friends were even thinking of getting pregnant. The funny thing was neither were we. After just 6 months of marriage, I became pregnant with our son. Dreams of ” traveling the world together” would have to wait until retirement, all the while I studied up on breastfeeding. Something I swore to myself I would never do. My nipples weren’t to be touched, that was weird. Then again so was pumping. 

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I fully relied on my family, especially my mother to give me advice. This isn’t a bad thing, my Mom had 6 babies, if she knows about anything….it’s babies. She lives and breathes babies. In fact if my Dad gave her the option to have another, she would. So her advice was sound and needed. But as far as a group of mothers surrounding me that didn’t share my last name, this didn’t exist. I felt alone very often. I was a nanny at the time, and took him to work with me. I was a Mom and a nanny. This was all. We lived in a tiny apartment, and my husband worked well over 60 hours a week to provide. We rarely saw eachother, as he was working so often. There were weeks were we weren’t sure where food would come from, but God always provided. We happily took food from a local food bank a few times. I was so ashamed as I unloaded the food. Surely as a mother I had failed. 

My sweet Mom
My sweet Mom

You see, I knew I was doing a good job. He was alive and happy after all. But I needed reassurance. I needed community. I needed more.


It wasn’t long before I was able to quit Nannying and was able to stay home full time, thanks to my husband being furiously courageous and starting his own business. He is an honest, successful business owner, and I’m proud of his work ethic.

As our first got older, I made more friends. When we feel confident in our parenting ( at least 20 % ) , we branch out. Talk to other moms, and eventually make friends. I encourage new  Mom’s to do this, Find a group of women who are loving and accepting. It’s key to your sanity, trust me in this.

Today I had the privilege of praying over a woman due in October. Her first child would enter the world, and she was anxious to meet her. Expectant for good things to come. I asked if I could lay my right hand on her gorgeous baby belly, and she agreed to let me lay hands on her. She told me her daughters name was the same as one of my daughters names and I held back tears. It was then that praying for this sweet new Momma became personal to me.

I just wanted to embrace her and sob and  tell  her that everything will work out fine. That the late night feedings are special;and exhausting.  Instead I prayed a short prayer, and a blessing over her delivery. I called out the destiny in the tiny baby girl, as she kicked my hand. It was then I knew that even in the womb she felt the Holy Spirit’s presence over these prayers. 

There is power developing in new Mothers to be courageous and walk into the unknown. That’s why some of us are attacked so. Our destiny in the kingdom starts when we birth, or adopt a child. It’s then we become brave, fearless and powerful with his spirit. Although it may not seem that this is the case, it is.

My girls
My girls

So new Moms, take heart that although you feel you are alone, it won’t last forever. There is a character developing in you even now that will shape the way you are for future children. You are being made into the woman of God he created you to be. This season is a short one, so enjoy it. All the sleepless nights and feedings, try to enjoy them. It won’t be long before you send your first born off to Elementary school.  

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