Communication is key to relationship


Today as I gathered the kids and left the pool , I wasn’t really paying attention to the Holy Spirit. I was tired from changing two swimmie diaper poops in a row. The girls were fighting and nap time was calling my name. I had a bad attitude , really. I was in a sulky mommy mood. No one has it as hard as me. Lie. I could have 17 kids and have a show about my family and make millions.

Maybe I could shower alone or paint my toenails. I knew it couldn’t be both , because children.

I go onto the regular route home as the Holy Spirit interrupted my selfish thoughts.

” Go Main Street.”

He was so firm with me that I could not disobey. I was overcome with his presence as I turned around and trusted.

I also trusted that the Wendy’s cheeseburger I put into my body was healthy , on the new route back. Surely he had made that patty organic , after all it was on a holy path. The path he designed for me.

Thank you Jesus the beef was %100 grass fed and free range. Thank you the fries I consumed were pesticide free and the Coke I drank wasn’t poison to my body, but rather a refreshing summertime drink. Amen.

As I coasted along Main Street my thoughts went to what could have been. I also realize ” coasted” sounds like I was riding a skateboard. I guess this could be possible if I was at all coordinated. Alas, I am not.

Adah could have been in the Ergo with Rhema alongside me on her own skateboard. She has to learn sometime and we would save a lot of gas money.

But as I drove along I set aside all horror story thoughts of why the Holy Spirit was protecting me and my family today. OMG . We could have died. What if I was decapitated? On and on and on.

The longer ride home became silent as I trusted Jesus to get us home safely. I trusted his plan for this day, even this moment with him was good. He was teaching me something. But what?

We arrived home as both girls were asleep. I tip toed to their rooms , and laid the youngest down for nap. Instead of doing something relaxing , I did something much more fun and rewarding.

I cleaned the bathroom and caught up on laundry. I know that you are jealous, or can completely relate. If you can relate I’m sorry. Wine.

As I was loading the dryer , not thinking about the ride home , or the change in route He spoke to me.

” When we communicate crisis is averted.”

It hit me like a wave . Tears came down as I added a dryer sheet to the load. I saw what he was showing me.

You see, Holy Spirit is here to guide us in ALL things. Not just big decisions . If we allow him room to guide us all day long , he will.

Ever have days , weeks or months where you just feel plain non -spiritual. Yep, me too. Like you’re hitting a brick wall. Trying to hear his voice , and stressing yourself out doing so.

For me I’ve found it’s when I’m not trying that I hear him clear. But at the same time there’s a special connection that comes as we weep and ask for his direction. There’s a bond that forms in our desperation.

When we voice to him that we are open. We are listening, he will speak.

It just may be on a day you’re in a bad mood. But let me tell you, his voice changes that real quick.

When we opening communicate with him, just like in marriages and friendships both parties feel loved. We are able to voice our love and guidance.

Same with him.

When we communicate dang. Of ANY form whether it be worship ,Dancing , singing, praying , or just having conversation with him is voiced , we leave him room.

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