Watching them bloom

As a parent , one of my main goals is to have a family that is adaptable. Children that respect other people’s personalities.

I often envision them being thrown into an environment of all different types of people. Would they smile and make friends, regardless of their opinions and views , or would they keep to themselves , for fear of social awkwardness.

While I want them to be adaptable , I want them to exuberantly show Christ’s love and peace. I don’t want them tolerant of sin, but rather a lover of the sinner. I pray they see past the sin into the heart of what could be. What kind of person they would be if Jesus got a hold of their very being and called out their identity. No longer sitting in ashes, but rather standing in the rain of His glory.

What if we raised up a generation of lovers? What if we taught our children to love SO well that a revival
Broke out in our schools? What if children learned about Jesus in the public schools? From OUR kids. What if.

This week has been so hard, yet so rewarding. Our eldest son has so many stories of being an example for Jesus in a public school, I could just bust out in affirmation to him. And I did this afternoon as I got him from school.

This week he told me a story of a girl that missed her Mommy. She cried each morning and into the day. Asher said he prayed for her during lunch under his breath as she sobbed for her mother. Another boy gets in trouble on numerous occasions. Asher doesn’t look down upon him, but rather asks me WHY he is acting out.

Mommy WHY is he acting this way? Why can’t he just be good?

This has sparked a whole new level of conversation at the dinner table. A conversation I’m happy to have with him . He is equipped, not by us , but by the Holy Spirit we have taught him to activate on his own.

Children are wiser than we think.

This public school deal won’t be easy. But it’s taught me to trust that the spirit that’s in me, that guides me and teaches me is also in my 6 year old. He made the commitment 2 years ago to follow Christ.

I see his personal Angels walking the halls with him. The Holy Spirit guiding his hands and mind as he learns. I’m
Confident he can be a light in the dark places.

If we don’t trust our children to be a light, what does that say about our faith? In any situation. Not just school.


I met with a friend that recently watched my children to send me to get a pedicure. I just love her sweet spirit. She told me the words I needed to hear after a long hard week of school.

” When I came to babysit your kids they were the most accommodating kids I’ve ever met. They offered me snacks and drinks. Over and over they asked my daughter what she wanted to watch or play with. Are you and your husband like this!?”

Listen. My kids aren’t perfect. Nor am I. Far far from it. But they have picked up on making people feel at home from watching us.

I pray and believe that Asher will make people feel at home at school. His home away from home. I pray the Holy Spirit in him will comfort children without a good home life. Bring light to their hearts, and that his love will explode out of my child’s mouth.

He is 6, but he is capable.


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2 thoughts on “Watching them bloom

  1. Hi, just visiting from georgia’s fb page. I’ve just spent a bit of time reading through your blog, you are doing a great job mumma, sometimes we just need to hear it from other mums. Your children sound very sweet. x

    1. Hi! Thanks for viewing my blog, now time to hop over to yours 🙂

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