Our prayers are vital


I love being personal with people I am praying for. Seeing their face and holding their hands. Pats on the back of encouragement and the tissue pass off when things get emotional. There is a different level of faith when we pray for people we don’t know. I’m not talking about personally, I mean we’ve never met them. We don’t know their name or even the color of their hair. They are just a prayer to us , a divine call of the Holy Spirit for us to intercede for. We just know that we know we must be obedient and pray for them in that moment.

That moment for me was in late November of last year. It was moving day out of our beloved farm house. Emotions filled my mind and heart as I went into the farm house. Boxes scattered and eager friends helping . My breathing controlled by a mask , as to not hyperventilate or cause a nose bleed. My chest tightened as I stood firm in my peace and authority I had over my own body. Not the house, the house wasn’t mine to command. It never was. Per my husbands orders I didn’t stay there long. I was only an overseer , as he didn’t want to see me end up back in the hospital. I journeyed upstairs into the room that once housed all three children. All that remained was dust and one lone blue chair. The chair faced the window, the light streaming in. All alone I wanted a moment to say my peace to the house I loved, and hated equally. Not caring if the movers downstairs heard my ranting.

The hatred came in waves . I spit on the floor and stomped my foot. Just once. I was angry that a house so beautiful held so much evil. That satan had made his mark there and remained. Demons festered and multiplied there after years of open doors and even invitations of evil. They tried to kill me with one swift blow to my body. But here I am. Still alive .

I then forgave my time there. I forgave myself for living there and leading my family . It was then a wave of righteous anger filled my spirit to immediately pray for future buyers and purchasers of this home. To my knowledge they were putting it up for sale. Well meaning couples would be drawn in, just like we were. It’s beauty was intoxicating and the land sent a cool breeze down your back even on the hottest of days. The river was calming and free flowing.

On my knees I prayed protection for buyers. For couples eager for historical properties. I prayed against harm for them, protection of their spirits minds and bodies . Protection over the couple that eventually did purchase the property , that he would send extra angels to guard the place from the evil that lurks. This prayer lasted a long time as I wept for their safety. Knowing first hand the grief this house brings , I was broken hearted for the next family. Pleading The Lord for his will to be done.

I made my way to the car and exited the driveway. I know it wouldn’t be wise to look back. But I did. I had to see it in all it’s glory once again. Turning my head I saw him.

Up on the back hill. The demon boy that haunted and tortured me for months. He was watching me go , With a smirk on us face . I had had a fear that he would follow me. Had many people prayed over our family that he would remain on the property. As I looked further I saw chains surrounding his legs, around and around the went to the ground where he was bound there. I didn’t communicate with him this time, although I had screamed at him on previous occasions. This time i knew I was free of him. He was bound to that land until the end of the world. And after that, he would dwell in hell.

He would no longer torture me. Onto the road I went.

Almost a year went by , as I continued to pray protection over the new owners, as I had learned the house was purchased. A connection with the buyers that their offer fell through was strong. Even though I didn’t know their names or even their motive for wanting to purchase the property. I prayed one day I would meet them.

Yesterday I met her. The one I had been praying for for months.

Our eldest son had a haircut appointment. Sitting down waiting for his turn a conversation sparked between the woman beside me and myself. Talks of anxiety attacks and medications flooded the conversation. We had such heartache in common that we hit it off immediately. With hope in our faith in Jesus we continued our talk. Just one questioned opened up the day that will remain in my memory forever.

” When did your anxiety start?!”

I tried to give her the generic answer, as to not get into a deep spiritual conversation in the salon. If was as if she knew I was being generic . She pressed further.

” But I mean like, did something happen in that house that made you anxious?”

I’m not a liar. If someone asks me a question, I will be honest. So I opened up, but the. Kindergarten version.

” Just some spooky things happened. Made me uneasy. ”

I told her where the house was located and her eyes widened.

“The house with the red roof!? On the river!?”

“. Yes.”

She proceeded to tell me that her and her boyfriend almost purchased this home . She toured the house several times and really liked it’s charm. Her boyfriend on the other hand was obsessed with making the property into something amazing, as we were. Their offer fell through right before someone else purchased the home. She explained the peace she felt in not purchasing it.

She also went on to say that since she has had anxiety attacks, so severe that she is now on the same medication I am taking. This was no coincidence that our paths crossed.

It was Gods way of showing me the power of prayer releases his will. It protects people. People we’ve never met , but we love. Never underestimate your passion for prayer. It’s vital to people lives, it really is. What if I hadn’t prayed for her? Would the offer have gone through? Would she be living in utter hell of anxiety symptoms?

When he asks you to intercede for someone, DO IT. It’s not everyday we get the change to meet and converse with the people we lift up. But it was a blessing to me that I was able to . A little kiss from heaven.

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