Just like Mommy

Yesterday was a series of events in which I intensely listened to the Holy Spirits direction. We fellowshiped, as I’m learning to go with his wind, wherever it takes me. When we are free from sin and stress, we become lighter. Like a feather is easily moved to the direction of the wind, so are we. 


The days events and testimonies of stepping out into what he had in store for me were swirling around in my mind. It wasn’t for me really at all, but the people he led me to that needed encouragement. I learned obedience is key to revelation and revival inside our hearts. But it doesn’t stop there, we must let it out.

It was exactly 7 pm when the Holy Spirit came upon me so strong that I fell to the floor. No one was laying hands on me, I was simply throwing a couple of frozen pizzas in the oven for the kids dinner. Just call me Betty. 

I immediately began weeping and seeing visions of women that were hurting, deeply longing for a touch of love. Like waves his compassion for women filled my spirit, It was a relentless thing. My children soon gathered around me, their response blew my mind.

Asher our oldest began rubbing my back and repeating ” Jesus ” over and over. He knew what was happening to his mother, and he was not afraid. Rhema, our middle child brought me a glass of water and a tissue. She handed me the water and sat on my lap.

She whispered in my ear: He is giving you His heart.

As my children were ministering to me , all huddled together laughter erupted. I soon became crazy silly Mommy. The laughter wouldn’t stop. I made dinner laughing, I put them to bed laughing and some how managed to get the baby to sleep while laughing. Loudly. A laugh I’ve never experienced before. An abandoned to myself laugh. Regardless of how I felt, all I could do was laugh.

 Today while my youngest napped, I had some time alone with Rhema. With her play kitchen outside, she set everything up and began playing restaurant with me. After endless amounts of consumed plastic hot dogs , she asks for my phone.

” Honey why do you need my phone?”

” To worship like you when you clean the kitchen.”

She notices that?

Worship music begins to play as she sings along. This is the first time I have ever heard her loud and clear worship with all her heart. As the tears streamed down my hot cheeks I noticed her sit on the floor. Knees crossed as she began to rock back and forth, eyes closed.

Just like Mommy.

Oh Jesus, consume our children with your spirit. Fill them with so much of you that it oozes out in the household.

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