I’m learning to not quiet the laughter

Teeth clenched , fork in hand … I had had enough for the day. The loudness, the disobeying. I was done. Mommy was tired. Bedtime was near, but not near enough. I still had to do soccer practice, bath time and wrestling them to get to sleep. My tank was running on empty, as Daddy was still working. I needed relief. The giggles, they pierced my ears as I tried to finish my plate of fish and beans. Delicious, and gourmet.

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The giggles continued as I pleaded for the girls to take just one bite of green beans. You would think that I was asking them to cut off their left arm and give it to scientific research. It’s just a green bean. With not much of any nutritional value. BUT it’s green. And when you eat green things I feel good about your health. I feel like I’ve cured cancer somehow when I watch you take a bite. Bite it! Chew it! PLEASE.

It wasn’t long before I felt Holy Spirit’s presence come into the room. It was as if time stopped, and I was able to watch my girls. Oh my girls I prayed for since I was a child…they were laughing. Not just a regular laugh , but a laugh that released such joy into our home. I smiled and suddenly had an appetite. The laughter continued as I noticed a strong presence in the room.

I saw him bright as a lightbulb, standing behind my Adah Harbor. Releasing joy into my home. When I felt helpless and very alone . Very defeated, but he was there. I saw him with my right eye as I finished up dinner. Wave after wave this Angel released JOY upon my girls. It was in that moment that I knew it wasn’t my strength that made them happy. But it was Angelic encounters that I , as their MOTHER, the one who birthed them had invited in .

The Laughter didn’t stop, and actually they didn’t finish all of their veggies. But I explained to them that it was an Angel that made them giggle. It was Jesus who gives them joy, despite how their Momma feels physically. They didn’t finish their supper, and I was ok with this. They were manifesting his presence, which fills them. Just like food does.

It was in that moment that I realized I wasn’t parenting alone. Though my sweet, hard working husband was gone until late at night I was NOT doing this alone. NO. I had Angelic presence aiding me, holding me up and SUBBING for me as I watched.

When we receive Jesus as our Lord and savior, along comes His helpers. We are never alone. Not ever. Even in our weakest moments we have hope that our capability to parent alone just doesn’t exist. When we walk with PAPA all things are given to us. Strength. Wisdom. GUIDANCE. We can tap into those things all we want. It’s like a buffet. All you can eat. All you can taste.

Just grab a new clean plate and have at it. He’s there to meet you. When you are weak, he is strong. He is mighty to be what you ARE NOT. I promise. In my weakest moments he has been like a free babysitter. One that brings joy when I cannot. And one that brings laughter into my home when the last thing I want to do is laugh.


That’s the beauty of raising babies with HIM. He’s always right. He’s always on time.

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