Learning to TEST the spirit.

Satan loves to deceive. It’s his best work. But what happens when the one he deceiving is you? 

All Of our different gifts make up a great community of lovers of Jesus. Without access and use of these gifts, we cannot fully walk in intimate relationship with our Maker. No gift is more useful than the other, for we need them all. They all fit into a perfect puzzle of his presence that wants to pour out of your heart and into others. The presence that is so very here. So very willing to show us the way.  The fact is that we simply CANNOT go on our feelings. For when we do , we open the door for deception . We open the door to receive a FALSE sense of peace, not from Jesus, but from Satan himself. 

In all of my years being a seer and a feeler of his presence, I never, never learned the valuable lesson that I should have all along. 


It was a cool Fall day in the mountains of North Carolina. Not a worry in the world as some of my best friends  and I scouted out all the antique shops. The wind whirled around us and rustled our hair, as we laughed and forgot about the children we left behind with our husbands, just for a moment. We were young and free. We needed this time to relax and just be us.  Roaming the streets, and smelling the smells of the rustic coffee shops and the crisp Fall leaves pierced our noses as we carried on with the laughter that consumed us. Such joy was exploding from being at a spirit lead women’s retreat. We were on fire , armed and ready for the world we would return to. 

We approached the Antique shop , and suddenly we were drawn in. Old photos and dishes lurked around every corner as I drooled a bit. Vintage anything makes me tick and gets my heart rate sky high with excitement. Oh the mirrors along the wall that could tell me such stories of what was. The gloves that once kept a woman warm, and gave her posture and grace. Maybe they were a Christmas gift from her Mother. I ran my hand across the lace that lay on the outline of the gloves, imagining what she looked like. If she was happy living her simple life. 

A stairway caught my eye and soon my body was aching to journey up. Step by step I began to feel peaceful. More peaceful than before. My friend got to the top before me and shouted:

” OH MY GOSH! RACHEL! You have to get up here. I want to STAY HERE FOREVER!”

My feet hit the floor as it creaked. A wave of what FELT much like the Holy Spirits presence as I had experienced it hit me like a brick wall. SO much so that I had to sit down in a nearby chair. My friend that had gone before me began looking around the room, trying to find the Angelic presence that made us feel so at home. So right in this place.

” OH LOOK out the window! There’s a garden, AH I just want to live here forever. What is going on?”

The second friend approached the threshold of the stairway , came in and started looking around. The two of us began to look at her to see her reaction to the presence that was in that room. She continued to look, and pick up items casually. Not a word out of her mouth about feeling peaceful. We became puzzled and asked her, as I was still sitting down in a trance.

Do you not FEEL that? The peace that’s here?”

No. What do you mean?”

We began to explain to her the intimate sense
of peace and belonging we felt as we walked up the steps. Confused as to why she wasn’t feeling it, we pressed on. Soon asking several spiritual mentors to join us to see what was going on. These woman are fierce in the spirit, and Love the Lord passionately. They are seers in the spirit realm, and mentor us willingly and lovingly as Mothers do. Before they joined us I wanted to purchase something that would remind me of this peace I so longed for. I bought a small white cross to hang in our living room, in hopes of the anointing of this room would come home with me. It would fill my home with peace, and remind me of that very day.

Our friends and mentors entered the room and began to walk around. The floor beneath them began to creak more than usual, and tremble a bit. It wasn’t long before I came out of the trance like state I was in and began to feel uneasy. I followed them , circling the room. Mouths silent, my palms began to sweat. Fear entered my mind, and I asked them.

” What is it you see?”

They pointed to one of the four ” walls” that made up the room. Why hadn’t I noticed before that it was a cage and not a wall? I was so transfixed on the peace that I felt. The invitation to stay, and stay , and live forever there. In the moment she pointed to the cage , acting as a wall …. I knew. It was as if her small finger pointed out the evil in the room and I saw what never want to see again in all my days. Several demons surrounding that room. The veil was torn from our eyes, as we felt tricked. Lured in and transfixed.  My skin began to crawl as I wanted to scream and shout WHY WERE WE SO FOOLED?!

Other customers came up the steps, so not a word came out of our mouths. Single file line, we retreated from the evil place and went downstairs. Our mentors asked us what was going on downstairs that was demonic. I prayed to see and could not. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see anything else, I was mad at myself. Mad that I had been tricked and felt extremely violated. As we round the corner we saw it. About 10 feet long it hung on the wall. A devils pitchfork.

pitch fork

Holding the cross in my hand that I had purchased to commemorate this beautiful time in my life where I had felt such peace, even in the midst of the anxiety I was experiencing, we fled from the Antique store. Walking along the sidewalk, we began to ask questions. Why were we fooled ? If we have the Holy Spirit in us , then why didn’t he tell us it was a false sense of peace? 

The Words came off of my mentors lips that will be forever ingrained in my spiritual DNA.

” You have to test the spirit. There’s only one way to do that. Say aloud,  ” If you are the holy ghost , increase your presence. If you are a demonic stronghold of confusion, you must leave.” “

Part two coming soon.

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