Mamma Shabs custom designs.

Courtney Devan-Kim Schearer was born and raised in North Carolina. Her and her husband Dave have two gorgeous children, and reside in Clayton, North Carolina. While Dave manages a local chain restaurant, Courtney stays home with her two children, a life long dream of hers. Even in the trials she has faced in her own life, she never gave up on her dreams of being an entrepreneur, and a loving Mother. 


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Her Southern roots led her to love the simple things in life. It doesn’t take much to make Courtney smile , in fact she lights up any room she walks into. Every life she touches, she blesses. This is why she started her own business. You see, Courtney follows her Savior, Jesus Christ in each path He places her on. She prays over each piece of art before it is shipped. While this is her job, it is also her ministry. This woman loves deeply, no matter who you are. Her talent is exploding, and breathing life into peoples hungry souls. I’m grateful to see it unfolding.

Here are a few examples of her custom designs, Enjoy. 

C 1

C 3

C 5

C 6

C 7

C 8

C 9

C 10

C 11

c 12

C 13

C 14

Pricing available when you like her Facebook page :

I don’t know about you, but when I order something online I often wonder who’s hands touched it, if the environment was pure and holy when it was made. With Courtney’s work, you can always count on a professional grade service and design. She blesses each piece, and each piece is perfection. The detail that goes into her projects shows in her end results.

There is something really special that blossoms in our souls when we begin to do what he love. Courtney is doing just that. Just what God designed her to do, and to be. She is an artist. Let’s celebrate her life , and her stepping out in faith to do what she loves. 

Courtney can ship anywhere in the USA. GO check out her facebook page: Mamma Shabs, and give her a like. I’ve never in my life seen such creative signs, and wreaths.

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