Why prophecy became my idol.

I love prophetic ministry. It’s my favorite time when fellowshiping with a large or small group of friends. I love the edification and the encouragement it brings to the environment. I get this high of expectation and hope in my spirit in a way I don’t get in any other ministry setting. I love prophecy so much that I am learning I use it as a temporary “high” . 

Just listen
                                                                                        Just listen

I’m learning quickly that I had put my trust in what God would say to me through prophetic words from other people, and not wanted he wanted to say to me directly. There is a fine line between enjoying a time of ministry with people that involves the prophetic, and USING only that to hear God’s hopes and dreams for your life. 

I grew up with the prophetic all around me, which was a blessing. Its grown me and influenced the way I think about myself in a positive way, hearing so often His plans for my life.

Prophecy is such a vital tool in getting into the heart of Christ that I never want to live without. But there has come an understanding for me that I never saw in my younger days.

Prophecy was an idol for me, in place of the voice of God in my own spirit. 

 While I love and welcome prophetic words from people, I am learning to appreciate them more now. Why? Because they are now a CONFORMATION of what He has already revealed to me in my spirit. Because I am learning to listen, and let him speak. And when the prophetic words are something new to me, I’m grateful He uses people as vessels of his words into my spirit. 

I’m no longer living for my next fix. I am walking in my fix, content.

I’ve began asking him to awaken my human senses to heaven, and what is going on around me. The other night at a book club meeting I began to hear the sound of a newborn baby crying. It continued throughout the night as we were speaking. 

The cry was that of new life and new waves of freshness coming into the room. He was literally birthing something into the atmosphere that He wanted for this group of women. I began to smell heavens scents as I listened to the sound of the baby crying.

I am telling you this because I believe there is a shift happening in the atmosphere in which he wants to reveal his plans in a new and fun way. He could have simply told me that He wanted to birth something new out of that meeting, but instead he got creative. He wanted to stretch my thinking of what he can do and HOW he does it. When we ask him to speak to us in clear and new ways, he will.

He’s looking for the courageous ones to do his will, and go after what He is revealing to us.

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