Life isn’t fair, but it’s gradual.

The process in which we grow into adulthood is faster than the speed of light in a wide span of our lives, but a gradual process in the moment. Each step towards more responsibility inevitably shapes us into human beings we never imagined at our Middle school desks. No matter how wise, or educated we may be we can never imagine our lives exactly the way they would turn out. 

Each step in life is a gradual process to our end of days. Although it seems fast, we learn very slow. We are supposed to learn slowly , as we have time to soak in the scent of life’s seasons.  Just as soon as we are comfortable with that scent, we are moved onto the next.

We were made to be adaptable to our environments, as we lean on the Holy Spirit to guide us in every step we take. We must learn to not be disheartened when things we imagined for ourselves don’t come to past in the timing we have set up for ourselves. We like to make our own timelines, that come with penalties to our faith levels.

Today I pushed my three children on the same swing set I joyfully played on as a child. From the time I was barely walking , until now it is my happy place. I don’t care how old I am, you will still find me swinging along to the breeze dancing off of the fish pond of my deep memories growing up there. 


Though some dreams and visions of what is to come , come into the waves that life brings, we are not hopeless to still hope. Even when what we had in mind isn’t happening, we cannot bring disappointment into the picture. We can only hope that what is to come is better than what we could have imagined before. What is to come is being poured out gradually NOW in our lives for us to take hold of. Slowly and lovingly HE loves to show us the way. We have to know deep in our very beings that what He has planned for us is better than our wildest dreams.

Often the route there isn’t the way we would have chosen on an A,B,C questionnaire.  I’ll take B please, that seems fair. That seems easy. But He says no.

A will shape you for the person I need you to be 50 years from now. B would be too easy, you would get bored and eventually stop dreaming.

Think about it. If we got everything that we ever hoped for or dreamed of we would eventually expect things to be handed to us, like a spoiled child we would not appreciate our Father’s good gifts, as they are teaching us nothing about who we are in Christ. 

Our Father is a GOOD God. His plans for us are So good, so good. But we must learn to submit and lay down our own plans to be shaped into his. He cares about our hearts, because He made us to be passionate children. But what I am trying to let go of is that HIS plans outweigh mine any day of the week.

If we lay down our lives and ask him :

” Father, what will you have of mine?”

He will take our lives for His glory, and THAT is what ultimately brings us joy.

So those dreams you had as a child, they are valid. They are sacred and important to Him. But His timing is different. Do not be dismayed when they are lining up with your timeline of your life.

For His timeline is far greater and above and beyond our wildest dreams.  That’s the neat thing about being a child of the most high King. His plans are royal. With royalty comes obligation,

When you are royalty you have responsibilities to be an example of your Master, your King. Selfless and fearless you will go onto the next season, the next scent will fill your nostrils as you become adaptable, and teachable.


2 thoughts on “Life isn’t fair, but it’s gradual.

  1. Wonderful point. We do not want to behave as spoiled children. I was always a swing fan too. I LOVED the Robert Louis Stevenson poem “Up in a Swing” so much when I was a child, I still recite it to myself when I get a chance to swing. Unfortunately, my hips are wider now, and most swings pinch me in the rear. haa!

    1. Ha! Swinging is my outlet when I have the chance! I’ll have to look up
      That poem, thank you 😊

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